Top Ten Super Bowl 2014 Predictions

Ken Durden /

NFL Soup did a recent highlight of all the teams they think have a shot at the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII. Right off the bat, they eliminate several teams they don’t think have a shot this year: the Chicago Bears, the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Washington Redskins. They say these eliminations are all because these teams seem to have major flaws this season that they simply cannot overcome.

Moving on from the ones who NFL Soup thinks won’t be present at the big game, they list what they believe are the Top Ten contenders for this year’s title:

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

9. New Orleans Saints

8. Atlanta Falcons

7. Houston Texans

6. Seattle Seahawks

5. Baltimore Ravens

4. Green Bay Packers

3. New England Patriots

2. San Francisco 49ers

1. Denver Broncos

We already highlighted the fact that this could be Peyton’s last chance at a title before his career comes to an end, but do you agree with what NFL Soup says? Do you think the Denver Broncos have the best chance at a Super Bowl Title for the 2013/2014 season?

This list might be pretty divisive for a lot of NFL fans, and especially since the New York Giants are among the “bottom four”, according to this writer.

Are you curious to see how this season of the NFL plays out? What are your big predictions for the big game?

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