The Best Super Bowl Ads from 2013

According to the latest research from Socialbakers, some of the most popular ads on Social Media from last year’s game were:

  • Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” ad: which boasted over 5 millions views and 3 million shares
  • The Preview for Fast and Furious 6: which garnered over 1 million views and 700,000 shares
  • Volkswagon’s “Game Day” Commercial: which had a whopping 8 million+ views and over 400,000 shares

The Washington Post also conducted a survey and came up with the list of the five favorite Super Bowl commercials of 2013:

  1. Viva Young – Taco Bell
  2. The Next Big Thing – Samsung
  3. Asking Amy – Best Buy
  4. Brotherhood – Budweiser: the only duplicate ad on the two lists
  5. The Miracle Stain – Tide


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