Sledding at Super Bowl 2014?

When the NFL comes to New York this winter, the planning team has prepared a variety of events to suit the likes and needs of every visitor that will come to the area. This year’s host committee has just announced the plans for a toboggan slide that they plan to build right in the middle of Broadway.

If you would like to see what the giant toboggan run will look like, the NY Daily News has an artist’s rendering of what they believe the plans will be. The toboggan will be a giant eight-lane sledding contraption that will span a space of 180ftx58ft. and will accommodate up to 1000 riders per hour.

Set to be built between 40th and 41st streets on Broadway, the toboggan run is just one of many attractions that will be set up along the 10 block Super Bowl Boulevard this winter. Among the attractions will be concert stages, restaurants, shopping, museum exhibits and more!

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