New Colts Players to Look Out For This Season

Colts Players during Mini Camp


The Colts Training Camp is only a month away. Players will walk away from the heat of summer and toward the glorious football turf. But, this off-season hasn’t been quiet for the Colts. They made big-name free-agency pick-ups and a loud semi-controversial draft pick. Here’s a quick look at what to look for from these new, and new to the Colts, players at the 2015 training camp:


Trent Cole (LB)
The Colts picked up Trent Cole who will fill up some gaping holes in the defensive line as linebacker. If Robert Mathis returns in good health, he and Cole could somewhat balance out the offensive/defensive gap. But he could act as a back-up option if Robert Mathis continues to have problems. In practice, look for Pagano to try and create a five man set starting line early in the practices.


Todd Herremans (G)
As ten-year veteran from the Eagles, he’s an experienced guard. But he’s also versatile enough to play different spots on the offensive line. Most likely, he’ll be competing for the right-guard spot against Hugh Thornton. Given that he’s started some 124 games, he’ll bring solid play.


Nate Irving (ILB)
He signed with the Colts in March as a free-agent with a three-year contract in the middle of a knee-injury recovery. If all goes well, he’ll be able to start training camp on August 1st with an opportunity to prove himself. He’ll offer competition to Freeman and Jackson as inside linebacker. He’s younger, 26, so he’s not part of the Colts aging roster problems.


Duron Carter (WR)
Carter is coming in as another big-bodied receiver. He signed back in February, transferring over from the Canadian league, before other receivers were acquired. With all the competition for the offensive positions, he’s got a lot to prove. Carter did well with the Montreal Alouettes where he totaled 124 receptions in his past two seasons.


Frank Gore (RB)
Gore makes a big off-season addition to the Colts. He’s committed, he works hard, and he’s consistent. He regularly has 1,000 yard seasons, and he’s a five-time Pro-Bowler. The Colts haven’t had a running back net 1,000 yards since Joseph Addai back in 2007. At 32, Gore may not play for many more years, but he’s had a great career and should add a much needed running game.


Andre Johnson (WR)
It looks like the Colts don’t have enough offensive options. Kidding. Johnson’s skill makes him a big target. Because of his age, 33, he may be more of a possession receiver. With the Texans, he was dependable, and without Reggie Wayne, this go-to guy position needs to be filled. It will be interesting to see exactly he’ll find his place in the Colts offensive playbook.


Dwight Lowery (S)
Lowery adds depth for the safety position and some completion for defensive spots on the Colts team. A veteran player at 29, he’s been in the NFL for seven seasons, and seems to know what’s he’s doing. There’s a good chance he’ll start games and add to the experience of the defensive backfield.


Phillip Dorsett (WR)
Dorsett is a somewhat controversial draft pick given the already prolific offensive options for Andrew Luck. But, he seemed impossible to resist to the Colts who signed him to a four-year contract. He’s young, which will add longevity to the Colts bench. But more importantly, he’s fast. The downside to choosing Dorsett is that the Colts lost an option for a better defensive draft pick. Without a balance, the Colts could end up with a whole lot of firepower and no protection.


Kendall Langford (DE)
As a 6’6 and 3ll lbs. defensive end, he’s offering big help on the defensive line to a team that needs it. Langford played 112 consecutive games, which makes him solid and dependable, something the Colts could use in his position.


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