Indianapolis Colts: Biggest Offseason Needs

It’s no secret, the Indianapolis Colts have some work to do in the 2016 NFL offseason. And now, with confidence reestablished between owner, coach and general manager, it’s time to see exactly what the Colts plan to do to help fans forget the abysmal 8-8 season and missing the playoffs.

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS(1)Offensive Line help

The Colts cycled through the quarterbacking carousel in the 2015 season. The men who took snaps in live, regular season action for the Colts included: Andrew Luck, Matt Hasselbeck, Charlie Whitehurst, Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley. Yes, all of those men played real, meaningful football.

Why, you might ask? Andrew Luck was obliterated by opposing defenses throughout the first six weeks of the NFL regular season, sitting on the sidelines due to supposed shoulder and rib injuries before finally suffering a lacerated kidney in a week 9 victory over the eventual-world champion Denver Broncos. Without gaining some bulk and consistency on the offensive line, whether through free agency with someone like Brandon Brooks of the Houston Texans, or through the draft, the Colts could be due for deja vu in 2016.

Andrew Luck extension

Did we mention Andrew Luck suffered a multitude of injuries due to inconsistencies with the offensive line in 2015?

Fans don’t need the anxiousness of wondering whether or not Luck will remain in Indianapolis following the expiration of his rookie contract in 2017. Get Luck locked down to the highest amount of money every guaranteed to an NFL quarterback, and put the city’s mind at ease.

Offensive Line help

What’s that? We already mentioned this? Oh, our bad. Well, they need offensive line help.

Primary help in the secondary

With Greg Toler and Dwight Lowery’s contracts set to expire, the Colts are due for some upgrades back in the secondary. While pro-bowler Vontae Davis will continue to anchor the secondary, Toler and Lowery’s departure make the Colts’ next men up Colt Anderson and Darius Butler. While both men have provided value to the Colts in past years (aside from snapping the ball to Griff Whalen on that fake punt…it’s okay, Colt. We forgive you.), neither seems like a sufficient number-two in the secondary. Some examples? Michael Griffin, formerly of the Tennesssee Titans, might be a safety high on Colts Nation’s wish list.

Re-sign LB Jerrell Freeman

Through all the inconsistencies in this Indianapolis Colts defense, one steady performer has always been captain Jerrell Freeman.

Freeman managed to gather 135 total tackles in 2015, good for T-16th in the NFL, as well as three sacks and an interception. It was Freeman’s leadership throughout the season, however, alongside veteran D’Qwell Jackson, that proved to be his most valuable asset to the Indianapolis Colts.

The defense is already weak enough. Pay the man. Keep the consistency.

Offensive Line help

Yep. It’s still an issue.


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