Countdown to Super Bowl 2019 Atlanta: Super Bowl XXXVII

As we continue to enter the modern-day NFL, former Buccaneers (and current Raiders) head coach Jon Gruden gets his first Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl XXXVII with a win over his former (and current) team.

Tampa Bay Dominates Super Bowl XXXVII

A Super Bowl played in front of a total of 67,603 fans, the final score of Super Bowl XXXVII was 48-21, with the Buccaneers walking away victorious. The Dixie Chicks played the National Anthem and Shania Twain was the star of the halftime show.

MVP of the game was Dexter Jackson, safety for Tampa Bay. Jackson made history as being one of the only players in the secondary to be named Super Bowl MVP. Some remember this particular Super Bowl being nicknamed the “Pirate Bowl,” and this was due to both mascots looking like a pirate.


John Madden, the legendary former head coach of the Oakland Raiders, was yet again one of the announcers for the Super Bowl this time around. Al Michaels and Melissa Stark both joined him, along with Lynn Swann. There were a total of 88.6 million viewers watching the Super Bowl this time around, and the cost of a 30 second commercial was around $2.1 million. The game aired on the ABC network and the Nielsen rating was 40.7.



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