Countdown to 2020 Miami: Super Bowl V

With a promising 2018 campaign behind them, the Indianapolis Colts have high aspirations of an appearance in Super Bowl LIV in Miami in 2020. But in 1971, the then-Baltimore Colts would face off against America’s Team in Super Bowl V.

Colts Championship

Once again played at Super Bowl 54 host Miami’s famed Orange Bowl Stadium in January 17, 1971, Super Bowl V between the Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Colts would take place in front of nearly 80,000 fans strong.

The first Super Bowl to be played on artificial turf, and would go on to be dubbed the “Stupor Bowl,” due to Dallas’ record-setting 10 penalties throughout the game. The Baltimore Colts would walk away with their first Super Bowl victory, 16-13 winners over America’s Team, despite losing legendary quarterback Johnny Unitas in the second quarter due to injury.

Super Bowl V continues to live on in infamy as the only Super Bowl in which the MVP was awarded to a player on the losing team. Chuck Howley, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, would go on to take Super Bowl MVP honors in his team’s losing efforts, intercepting two passes. He was also the first player who was not a quarterback to win the award.



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Super Bowl 54 in Miami

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