Colts v. Broncos: You’ll Want Colts Tickets for this Game

It’s the game to determine whether or not Andrew Luck, will ever be able to beat the great Peyton Manning. Given Manning’s age, this might be the last time Peyton enters Lucas Oil Stadium. It would be fitting to watch the next dynasty monument, Andrew Luck, beat Peyton. It should be a metaphorical passing of the torch. Right? Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos. It’s gonna be tough.


Peyton Manning meeting Andrew Luck


Broncos Coach Gary Kubiak is trying out his new offense. He’s diversifying the plays to take some pressure off Peyton. So, there’s a bit more focus on the run, led by the always improving RB, CJ Anderson. That run is supposed to be quick drives and a fast push down the field. This move toward a run game could spell trouble for the Colts, who occasionally, only every once in a while, have no ability to stop a run game.

The Broncos are good overall again this year, especially their defense, which means they’ll make it to the playoffs. So, Kubiak’s playing this smart. Taking the pressure off his veteran players means they’ll have a little something left come postseason.

The Broncos are still good because they’re lead by one of the best quarterbacks to play the game, even if he’s old and having a bad year. And they’re balanced, ranking second in passing yards allowed. Kubiak is taking a chance on three new guys on the o-line, who combine for a grand total of zero NFL starts. Ty Sambrailo, Max Garcia, and Matt Paradis. Fostering new talent is the way to build a team, but rookies are always a bit more fun to watch.

Peyton, will always be an Indianapolis Colt. He’ll be back to play in the house he built, maybe for the last time. Colts fans will always be partial to the man who made the Colts. It’s a big game to watch. Peyton and co. will be back at Lucas Oil Stadium for week nine in downtown Indianapolis on November 8th. Game starts at 4:25 p.m. Broadcast on CBS. Our VIP Tailgate starts at 1:00 p.m. You’ll want to go to this one. Tickets to the Colts vs. Bronocs game are also still available.


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