50 Things To Do Before Super Bowl 50

We’ve had fifty years of Super Bowls! Fifty years of the biggest, best NFL celebrations! Fifty years of football’s big day! And this year is the golden anniversary!

To get you in the Super Bowl spirit, we’ve made a list of the fifty things to do to get you hyped and ready for the game! Can you tell we’re excited about the anniversary?! And it’s still early enough in the season, that you can hold out hope your team will make it to the Big Game! So you should be prepared for the Super Bowl even if you’re team is currently 5-5, looking at you Colts fans.

Without further ado, here’s 50 things you have to do leading up to the Super Bowl:


  1. Get excited!
  2. Spontaneously burst into “The Final Countdown.”
  3. Buy tickets. (You have to actually be there you know.)
  4. Find a new favorite player to root for: Dez Bryant? Megatron? Odell Beckham?
  5. Start a new tradition of going to the game with a group of your best friends.
  6. Figure out where your seats are. (Seating Chart)
  7. Put the day on your calendar. (That’s February 7th)
  8. Figure out who you’re bringing with you.
  9. Eat lots of nachos, hot dogs, and/or seven-layer-dip.
  10. Start a countdown clock.
  11. Take off work post-Super Bowl Monday.
  12. Tell everyone everywhere that you’re going to the Super Bowl.
  13. Make football signs. (Go D-fence posts!)
  14. Take a minute of your day to meditate on the beauty of football.
  15. Read about some Super Bowl history. Get yourself knowledged.
  16. Make a pre-game playlist.
  17. Read lots of the five thirty-eight blog to sound very smart with football stats.
  18. Find out what you can do in San Francisco.
  19. Create a fight song.
  20. Make a list of everything you want to see while you’re at Super Bowl City.
  21. Take time out of your day to correct someone about football vs. soccer.
  22. Post lots of motivational quotes from past coaches on your Facebook page.
  23. Play some football with the family. (In the snow, on the beach, wherever)
  24. Book a hotel for the Super Bowl.
  25. Find really cute football outfits for you pets. (Probably just your dog, maybe not your cat)
  26. Buy extra batteries for your phone/camera.
  27. Pack your suitcase.
  28. Bring your summer shoes if you live anywhere other than paradise.
  29. Make travel plans, or buy a Super Bowl 2016 package.
  30. Find the best post-game parties.
  31. Look up what stadium the Super Bowl will be held in. (That’s Levi’s Stadium.)
  32. DVR all the playoffs games so you can binge watch the night before.
  33. Buy a ridiculous hat.
  34. Became a huge fan of the half-time performer the week before you get to see them live.
  35. Rent a car, or ride the trolley, but definitely get transportation figured out.
  36. Plan out brunch for Super Bowl Sunday. (Dude, c’mon, it’s brunch.)
  37. Smile to yourself, because you know you’re going to the Super Bowl.
  38. Buy some gold face paint.
  39. Do some vocal exercises to get your voice in shape.
  40. Follow the NFL teams Twitter accounts so you can know all their fan lingo.
  41. Think about going to the playoffs to watch your team make the whole historic run.
  42. Go to the best Super Bowl pregame tailgate. (It’s totally the Player Super Bowl Tailgate.)
  43. Set up someone to watch your dogs while your gone.
  44. Catch up on how the two finalists have been doing this season.
  45. Realize Levi’s Stadium isn’t actually in San Francisco. (It’s in Santa Clara.)
  46. Get ready to check the Super Bowl off your bucket list.
  47. Pack your jersey.
  48. Check on your fantasy team, one more time.
  49. Make predictions about who will win. (Loser wears a chicken costume next year.)
  50. Get to the game!


So what do you think of our list? Is there something we left off? Is there a crazy family tradition you have before the Super Bowl that you want to share with the class? Are you excited for the Big Game yet?

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