What Makes a Good Super Bowl 50 Halftime

Halftime shows used to be quiet, boring moments to get up, take a stretch, eat some snacks, and chat about the game. But starting in 1991, with New Kids on the Block’s performance, the halftime show added some glitter and glam. Previously the halftime shows featured college bands preforming center stage, just like normal, home-town, football games. But halftime become an Event starting in 1993, when Michael Jackson preformed.

Since then, the halftime shows have become must-watch events. But what makes one halftime show better than another? We’ve narrowed it down to these 5 things we think make the big difference. But, feel free to tell us if you think we’re wrong!


A Good Game

If it’s an exciting game, if the lead is switching back and forth, and both teams are making great plays, the momentum of excitement will follow the football into the halftime performance. Like Katy Perry’s appearance last year.


A Good Performer

Bruce Springsteen. He’s a great performer. He made a great halftime show. Beyoncé, Prince, even U2. These are good performers, so their halftime show was better.


A Good Stage

The special effects! The stage! It’s amazing that was a football field just a couple minutes ago! The best stages means we can see the performer, and maybe some fireworks.


Something Memorable

Something has to happen to distinguish that year from every other. Whether it’s the lion, the left shark, or Janet Jackson. It’s what makes us say, “oh yeah,” that was a good halftime.


Being There

            Really, if it looks cool on TV, it looks better in person.


So how will this year’s Super Bowl halftime show shape up? According to the NFL, the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show on CBS will “echo elements of the NFL’s On the Fifty campaign — honoring the past, recognizing the present and looking ahead to the next 50 years.” Sounds exciting right?

But the 2016 halftime has big shoes to fill, last year, Katy Perry had a great halftime show with Lenny Kravtiz and Missy Elliott. The Super Bowl XLIX halftime show attracted the most viewers ever, over 118.5 million people watched!

We have faith this year’s halftime will be great. There has been some drama about the NFL’s choice of halftime performers, Coldplay for the 2016 Super Bowl. But Coldplay has promised to “give it everything we have.” So it’s sure to be a fun watch! As to who is going to join them on stage, that’s left up in the air. There have been many other rumors of who’s going else will be entertaining us while the players huddle. Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and even Maroon 5 have been mentioned.

Regardless, it will be a huge show. The NFL has been going all out so far for Super Bowl 50, so for the big anniversary show, it’s going to be great!

Your Super Bowl ticket means you can also see a band at halftime as well! So you get a good concert and good football! If halftime is always your favorite part of the Super Bowl, you can still get tickets to go see Super Bowl 2016 in person!

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