2016 NFL Draft: Talent vs. Need

As the 2016 NFL Draft continues to get closer, tension around who the Indianapolis Colts might select with the #18 pick continues to mount. Photo: Joe Robbins, Getty Images

Talent vs. Need

The Indianapolis Colts need offensive line and defensive pass rush help. Every Colts fan knows that, and given quarterback Andrew Luck’s inevitable injury-riddled 2015 regular season, it’s become a hot topic among Colts nation.

So when the Atlanta Falcons have made their selection, and the Indianapolis Colts are on the clock with the #18 overall pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft, don’t be surprised if general manager Ryan Grigson makes a selection at a position that doesn’t fill either need.

“[Drafting a player for need instead of the best available talent] breaks the trust and the morale of the guys that are stacking your board with you,” Grigson told the Indianapolis Star.

Need a perfect example of this drafting process? In 2015, the Colts drafted a speedster wide receiver in Phillip Dorsett out of the university of Miami, merely weeks after adding former Texans WR Andre Johnson to a receiving corps that already had T.Y. Hilton, Donte Moncrief, Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen. All while still boasting a glaring need at the offensive and defensive line positions.

Mock drafts have the Colts taking everyone from an offensive tackle, to a defensive linebacker or a running back. What Grigson will actually do, whether he intends to hold onto the pick or trade down, and who the Colts have on their big board, remains to be seen.

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