2016 Players Tailgate: A Social Experience

The 2016 Players Tailgate wasn’t just about the players and celebrities that attended the event. This year’s tailgate was about creating a VIP experience for you, the guests! Aside from the five-star smorgasbord of food and the 30 NFL players in attendance, this year’s Players Tailgate created a social experience unlike any other. The ability to have yourself broadcast on our first ever “Social Media Wall” and interact with players and celebrities gave guests the opportunity to get the official Bullseye VIP treatment. Let’s look at some of the best posts from the 2016 Players Tailgate!

2016 Player

#PlayersTailgate (click to enlarge pictures)

Seth and Les Gold of truTV’s “Hardcore Pawn” were at the Players Tailgate, hanging out with guests and enjoying the great food! Seth called the Players Tailgate a “great event” and said he and Les would “definitely” be looking for us in Houston in 2017!

Chefs Aaron May and Beau MacMillan hang out at the “Killer Raw Bar,” just one of several delicacies Players Tailgate guests were treated to.

New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan hung out beside the stage with the Kendricks brothers (Mychal of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Eric of the Minnesota Vikings), as well as pro bowler Allen Robinson Jr. of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Thomas Decoud, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers.

Carolina Panthers fans were on hand to #KeepPounding while enjoying the wonderful outdoor Players Tailgate patio!

NFL fan Katie was able to snag pictures with some of her favorite NFL players, calling the Players Tailgate “the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Entourage star Adrian Grenier snuck in to surprise unsuspecting guests!

Some guests were able to grab a picture with rapper and Grammy-winner Ludacris while hanging out at the outside Players Tailgate patio!

In quite possibly the highlight of all the interviews, Desmond Bishop (Washington Redskins)’s son was brought on stage and became the instant star of the day.

The 2016 Players Tailgate was, by far, the most extensive and amazing pregame tailgate yet. For more on San Francisco’s tailgate, be sure to check out the hashtag #PlayersTailgate to see plenty of guest pictures and posts! And don’t miss your opportunity to hang out with us in Houston in 2017!

How Indianapolis Prepares for Game Day

It’s impossible to go anywhere in Indianapolis without seeing the Colts horseshoe. They’re everywhere: on cars, buildings, shirts, bicycles, phones, pants, houses, flags, and even on tattoos. It’s easy to say Indianapolis football fans only follow the Colts because they’ve had two great quarterbacks back to back. But with the amount of pride the city shows, even in the bad seasons, it’s safe to say Indianapolis has become a football city. And before game day, Indianapolis and Colts fans get a little crazy bleeding blue to show their Colts pride and support their favorite team.


We Believe Colts Sign on a Building in Downtown Indianapolis

It’s become an Indianapolis tradition. Blue Friday. The Friday before a Colts game, fans deck out in their best Colts gear. They get the opportunity to wear blue to work. (Because who doesn’t love to wear a jersey instead of a collared shirt?) Some kids even get to wear a jersey to school instead of their uniform. The Colts organization and sponsors hold giveaways, discounts, and special merchandise to create excited and build hype for that week’s game. All the local news stations and friends get in on the action. It’s also a helpful reminder of when exactly all those Colts games are.

Indianapolis is truly a great sports town. The fans are loyal, informed, and most importantly loud. The noise in Lucas Oil Stadium should take the credit for that last victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Right as the Jacksonville kicker was trying to make the would-be game winning goal, the fan’s noise tremendous noise threw the kicker off balance to miss the shot. Colts fans are loud and proud in the stadium and when the party before the game.

Around the city, before the games, there are great parties and tailgates. So if you’re looking for something to do before a Colts game, you’ve got some options. There are parties with the Blue Crew, tailgates in Tailgate Alley, and on Georgia Street. Of course, we recommend the Colts VIP Tailgate Party, but then, we might be bias. We have Colts cheerleaders, past NFL players, and great food at our tailgate. We think it’s pretty great. But, no matter where you celebrate the game in Indy, it’s great to see so many people come out to support the Colts and party before the game. Lucas Oil Stadium holds some awesome game day activities inside the stadium as well if you’re looking for something after you’ve already had your ticket scanned.

As far as pre-game activities go Indianapolis is a pretty great city to be in. Who knows, if you decide to attend a Colts event downtown, you may even get to see the hilarious Colts mascot Blue.

And as always, Go Colts!



Colts vs. Dolphins

The Colts will surely be disappointed to leave the sunny wonderful weather of Indianapolis in December to play the Miami Dolphins in Florida, as the Colts finish up their softer stretch of regular season games.

The Dolphins face the same perpetual problem as the Colts; they both have to overcome the New England Patriots to get anywhere. Since the 2001, the Patriots have gone 66-20 in the Dolphins’ AFC East. That doesn’t leave much room for anyone else.

This season, it’s all about who can make the playoffs besides the Patriots. Buffalo, Miami, and the Jets are all gunning for that same spot. The Dolphins haven’t won a playoff game since they beat the Colts in 2000. If the Dolphins records don’t start to turn around, newer guys like VP Mike Tannenbaum and Dennis Hickey, could be let go. But, it’s been the Patriots show for a long while now, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

To combat this problem, Dolphins picked up Ndamukong Suh, in big-ticket, offseason move. With him they’re building something of a formidable defense. Watch for the rookie linebacker Zach Vigil to add young talent to the line. And don’t forget to watch out for Brent Grimes, CB, who’s made the pro-bowl the past two years. The Dolphins are hoping that the presence of a few good players will create a ripple effect through the rest of the team.

But, by the time the end of the season rolls around, most coaches will be more focused on keeping their players healthy for the playoffs. With Miami’s big off-season moves, they’re looking to make it past the scheduled sixteen games. So, these last couple matchups will determine who’s stays healthy to play post-season, and if the Dolphins might even make it to post-season.

The Indianapolis Colts will play the Miami Dolphins the Sunday after Christmas, on the 27th. The 2015 Colts v Dolphins game will be broadcast on CBS. Kickoff starts at 1:00 p.m. at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. If you’d like to go support the Colts down in Miami, you can buy Colts vs Dolphins tickets.


Colts vs. Steelers

Two years in a row, the Indianapolis Colts will have to play the Pittsburgh Steelers at home. That hurts. Most predictions for the Colts put them at 12-4. One of those losses gets chalked up to the Steelers.

Ben Roethlisberger is a pretty good quarterback. He doesn’t often let anyone forget that. Take for instance, the last time the Colts played the Steelers. Steelers outscored the Colts 51-34. That game showed just how dependent the Colts are on cornerback Vontae Davis. And it makes the whole of the Colts defense look pretty precarious.

For a traditionally defense-oriented team, the Steelers have been inadequate as of late. They’ve tried to compensate for this by choosing defensive players in the draft. In the first round, Steelers chose linebacker Bud Dupree. He’s a linebacker with speed and pass-rush capabilities. The Steelers two cover corners, Senquez Golson and Doran Grant, could also be good this season. These new guys have potential, if they could stay uninjured.

The Colts have almost as much trouble defending against the Steelers as they do the Patriots.  If the Colts lose another good player on defense or don’t play up to potential, no matter how high they score, it won’t be enough.

The Colts face the Steelers in week 13 of their NFL season. The game should be a cold one. It’s in Heinz Field Pittsburgh PA, December 6th. Sunday Night Football, baby.

Kickoff is slated to start at 8:30 p.m. That game will be broadcast on NBC. If you want to go watch that game, you can still purchase Colts vs Steelers tickets.


Colts on Twitter

Which Indianapolis Colts players are on Twitter? We complied a list of all the Colts players who tweet! Punter Pat McAfee has almost as many followers as the Colts! He’s just that funny! The list below has all the Colts Twitter handles. The players who haven’t been checked by Twitter are listed as unconfirmed. Let us know who which players we missed. Happy tweeting!


# Name Pos. Twitter Handle Unconfirmed
29 Adams, Mike S @MDOTADAMS20
56 Adongo, Daniel OLB @DanielAdongo7 U
83 Allen, Dwayne TE @Dallen83
32 Anderson, Colt S @AndersonColt
96 Anderson, Henry DE @HenryAnderson91 U
65 Arkin, David G @ADavidArkin
26 Ballard, Vick RB @VickBallard
25 Brown, Jalil CB @TheJalilBrown
14 Brown, Vincent WR @VincentBrown86 U
20 Butler, Darius CB @DariusJButler
38 Carr, Deveron CB @DevCarr1 U
9 Carter, Duron WR @DC_CHILLIN_8
6 Casey, Chance CB @ChanceCasey9
74 Castonzo, Anthony T @AnthonyCastonzo
35 Celiscar, Donald CB @flash1834 U
99 Chapman, Josh NT @The_Boss61
58 Cole, Trent OLB @Pro_Hunt58
21 Davis, Vontae CB @vontaedavis
15 Dorsett, Phillip WR @Dorsett_4
80 Fleener, Coby TE @Coby
50 Freeman, Jerrell ILB @JerrellFreeman
47 Galea, Cody OLB @CodyHighRollerr U
71 Good, Denzelle T @IBeDG_71 U
27 Guy, Winston S @winstonguyjr27
72 Harrison, Jonotthan C @JHarrison_72
8 Hasselbeck, Matt QB @Hasselbeck
79 Herremans, Todd G @toddherremans
49 Herrera, Amarlo ILB @5DeuceHerrera U
36 Herron, Dan RB @BOOMHERRON1
13 Hilton, T.Y. WR @TYHilton13
48 Hodges, Zack OLB @ZBHodges U
62 Holmes, Khaled C/G @KhaledHolmes
64 Hoover, Tyler T @TylerHoover91 U
95 Hughes, Montori DT @Montori_Hughes
55 Irving, Nate ILB @jussaynate U
52 Jackson, D’Qwell ILB @DQ52
81 Johnson, Andre WR @johnson80
59 Johnson, Cam OLB @Cam_Johnson59
68 John, Ulrick T @Ujohn1John U
97 Jones, Arthur DT @Artj97
94 Kerr, Zach NT @ZachariahKerr94
90 Langford, Kendall DE @KendallLangford
85 Lankford, Ryan WR @Playmaka3x4 U
60 Louis, Lance G @LanceLouis60
98 Mathis, Robert OLB @RobertMathis98
1 McAfee, Pat P @PatMcAfeeShow
31 McDonald, Dewey S @Dewey_MAC
75 Mewhort, Jack T/G @jackmewhort
Mitchel, Tevin CB @TevinMitchel8 U
10 Moncrief, Donte WR @drm_12
51 Muamba, Henoc ILB @HenocMuamba
91 Newsome, Jonathan OLB @JNEW_11
45 Overton, Matt LS @MattOverton_LS
54 Parry, David DT @DavidParry58 U
61 Pendleton, Jeris DT @MONSTERPEN44 U
40 Price, Sheldon CB @PRICEBOY22
73 Quarles, Kelcy DT @kelcy_quarles U
76 Reitz, Joe G @JoeReitz76
34 Robinson, Josh RB @Bowling34ball U
86 Swoope, Erik TE @eswoope21
66 Thomas, Donald G @Thedthomas64
69 Thornton, Hugh G @hughthornton72
28 Toler, Greg CB @greg_toler
38 Varga, Tyler RB @TyVarga
4 Vinatieri, Adam K @adamvinatieri
93 Walden, Erik OLB @E_Ninety3
92 Werner, Bjoern OLB @BjoernWernerBTM
17 Whalen, Griff WR @GriffWhalen

Make sure to come see all these guys in action at a Colts game this season! Colts tickets are available! And tailgate before hand with us at the VIP Colts Tailgate party!

Game Preview: Colts v. Jaguars

The Colts played the Jacksonville Jaguars twice last year. In both games the Colts won by a margin of over 20 points. It’s likely the two games this season will fall the same way.

Keep an eye out for the continued development of Jaguars’ Blake Bortles as he plays with new receivers. Last year’s draft pick Marqise Lee strained his hamstring and is likely to be out for the first few games of this season. The Jaguars were in prime draft position this year because of their terrible record in 2014. Unfortunately, their first-round draft pick, Dante Fowler Jr. was injured in his first NFL practice. He will miss the 2015 season. And, WR Justin Blackmon is unlikely to return after his lengthily suspension. Therefore, the Jaguars are therefore left in a bit of a lurch.

They are in the unenviable position of lacking on both sides of the ball. The Colts will most likely dominate this game, as they have previously. Though, it will offer an opportunity for the Colts to get a sense of position players. The Colts will have space to explore different combinations and plays because the Colts players won’t be outmatched.

It will be exciting to see how many great plays the Colts will be able to make against Jacksonville’s. You have to be there to see all the great moments live. In week four, the Indianapolis Colts play the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, October 4th at 1:00 p.m in Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis Colts tickets are available for that game and for the best pre-game celebration – the VIP Colts Tailgate party.

On the Bucket List: Super Bowl 50

If you had unlimited everything, what would you want to do? What are the dreams you want to fulfill? What do you want to do before you die? What’s on your bucket list?

If you’re a sports fan the answer to that question might be, “go to the Super Bowl!” Every sports fan should go at least once. This year marks a huge anniversary for the Big Game. It’s Super Bowl 50! This the game to go to.

If this is your first Super Bowl, you have to do it in style. Go for the full first-class experience. While you’re there you can knock off other items off your bucket list. Vacation in San Francisco beforehand. Ride a trolley, stay in luxury and get the best seats for watching the game. More importantly, party in style. Celebrate before the game with NFL players and celebrities. Then afterwards, get tickets to the best Super Bowl parties.


San Francisco Trolley


This year’s Super Bowl is February 7th , so plan ahead. Put the date in the calendar now and maybe surprise someone. Celebrate an anniversary, or a friend’s birthday. Perhaps Super Bowl tickets are a graduation present or the next stop on a bachelor party. Start a new tradition with old friends and go to the Super Bowl every year!


Stadium Fan


And after you go to the Super Bowl, you can move on to petting a penguin, going ghost hunting, climbing a mountain, or another bucket list adventure.

Get tickets packages for Super Bowl 2016! We’ve got Super Bowl 50 tickets, passes to the best Super Bowl parties, and the Players Super Bowl Tailgate. So, what’s next on the list?



Game Preview: Colts v. Titans

With either the Indianapolis Colts or the Houston Texans expected to finish on top of the AFC South, the Tennessee Titans are mostly glossed over. In the 2014 season, the Colts soundly defeated the Titans going 27-10 and 41-17, respectively. After a dismal 2-14 season, tying the league for worst NFL record, the Titans can only improve this year.

Titans are dependent on their new quarterback, Marcus Mariota, selected as the second overall draft pick. He’s got the whole team resting on his relatively untried shoulders. He likes to run the ball, which is not enough to win given the propensity of run-oriented quarterbacks to face trouble in the NFL. But, he seems eager to learn and improve his passing game before starting in the NFL. He’ll only be getting better as he becomes more comfortable in his role, so he’s one to watch down the line.

With a new quarterback and a lackluster defense, it’s unlikely the Titans will have a winning record this season either, because there were so few good players to carry over from last year’s season the Titans lack a foundation to build upon. Adding Dick Lebeau, of Steelers fame, to Ray Horton’s defensive team means the talent they do acquire will be well coached in the future. Brain Orakpo, OLB, and three time Pro-Bowler, just signed a four-year contract and will prove a good, solid player. Signing OLB Derrick Morgan brings some presence to the line to create something of a defense.

Expect a fledgling team when the Colts play the Titans. The big trials of the Colts year come midseason, the Colts go up against Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Peyton Manning from weeks five through nine.

We’re previewing this year’s Colts season. Read Colts game previews, and get hyped.

The Colts play the Titans Sunday, September 27th. Kickoff starts at 1:00 p.m. on CBS and NFL Network. Colts play in the Titans in Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN. If you’d like to watch this game live, you can buy Indianapolis Colts tickets.

Count Up to Super Bowl 50: A Look Back at Super Bowl XII

Finally, a game worth talking about! Super Bowl XII was played between the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos. The Cowboys took home the lead with a final score of 27-10. This game was played on January 15, 1978 with an attendance of 75, 583 people. It was played in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Louisiana Super Dome.

The Cowboys had quite the game and their defense conquered most of Super Bowl XII. The Cowboys had such a good defense going on that they forced eight turnovers and were “kind” enough to only let 8 pass completions happen. Butch Johnson could be considered the star of Super Bowl XII, when he dove into the end zone, making a catch that resulted in a 45 yard touchdown reception. Two other stars of the game included Randy White defensive tackle and defensive end Harvey Martin. This was the first and only time in Super Bowl history that two players won the MVP honors.

The cost of a 30 second commercial really went up in 1978 to a total cost of $162,000. Pat Summerall was yet again an announcer for the Super Bowl, along with Tom Brookshier. The game aired on the CBS network and the halftime show included entertainment like Pete Fountain and Al Hirt.

Colts 2015 Schedule

The Indianapolis Colts were only one game away from the Super Bowl last season, and expectations are running high for this year. The anticipated games come a bit later in the season this year. The Colts play previous dynasty leader, Peyton Manning and the Broncos in week 9. The Colts go up against the Patriots in week six in what will be a rematch of last year’s playoff ending run. Andrew Luck will continue to lead a high-scoring offense which is sure to make each game fun to watch.

Colts 2015 Schedule


A great way to make the Colts game even better is attending the Colts VIP Tailgate! Before the game, enjoy an indoor/outdoor tailgate with a five star menu and an open top-shelf bar. Get signatures from Colts cheerleaders, watch pre-game HDTV coverage, and more. Tickets are available for individuals or for corporations. And don’t forget your Indianapolis Colts tickets either!


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