Bullseye Event Group Announces DJ Irie as official DJ for 2017 Players Tailgate at Super Bowl LI

Bullseye Event Group is excited to announce world-renowned DJ, DJ Irie, as the official DJ of the 2017 Players Tailgate at Super Bowl LI in Houston!

As the first professional sports franchise DJ in the United States, DJ Irie is the official DJ of some of the most iconic brands in the world, such as Carnival Cruise Lines, the Miami Heat, Target, Mountain Dew Kickstart, Evian, Jamie Foxx and more. Founder of the Irie Foundation and Irie Weekend, DJ Irie has become one of the most established DJ’s in the industry.

“Every year we look at the previous tailgates and ask ourselves, ‘how do we make the Players Tailgate better?’ We set out to get one of the best DJ’s in the US, and are incredibly excited about the phenomenal talent DJ Irie brings to our Players Tailgate,” Bullseye CEO Kyle Kinnett said. “With DJ Irie joining our lineup, this is going to be the best Players Tailgate at the Super Bowl yet.”

Irie joins celebrity chefs Guy Fieri, Eddie “Fit Chef” Jackson and the best caterer in the US, Aaron May, as well as Emmy-award winning anchor for ESPN Jaymee Sire, as 2017 Players Tailgate guests, all combining to help create the biggest and best pre-game atmosphere in Houston. Hosted just 1.5 blocks from Super Bowl LI host NRG Stadium, the 2017 Players Tailgate is a premiere destination for football fans everywhere.

With over 25 NFL players and some of the biggest celebrities, Bullseye’s 2017 Players Tailgate at Super Bowl LI will be the biggest and best pre-game tailgate in Houston. One of America’s favorite chefs, Guy Fieri, will be returning to create the VIP menu, joined by chefs Eddie Jackson, Aaron May, Douglas Rodriguez, Reno Henriques, Rodolfo Valdes and Pete Blohme. Alongside Fieri at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, the 2016 Players Tailgate featured Fox Sports reporter and emcee Erin Andrews, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, celebrity chefs May and G Garvin, over 25 all-pro NFL players and more.

Tickets to the 2017 Players Tailgate at Super Bowl LI in Houston can be purchased directly from BullseyeEventGroup.com, or are included in all of Bullseye’s Super Bowl LI Travel Packages.

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