Colts Mini-Camp & A Movie

The Indianapolis Colts will host their annual mini-camp and open house event for the fans at Lucas Oil Stadium on Wednesday, June 8. Here is what you can expect from the evening with the Colts as they begin their march toward Super Bowl 51 in Houston.

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The event is free, but a ticket is still required to get in. Tickets will be available at will-call at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Gates to Lucas Oil Stadium open at 2 p.m. ET, where fans will have the ability to go down onto the field and take part in contests, games, photos with Colts cheerleaders and more.

At 5:30 p.m. ET, the boys in blue will take to the field as fans will get their first glimpse of the 2016 Indianapolis Colts squad. Fans eager to see Andrew Luck back in action after missing the second half of the 2015 regular season, rejoice!

At 8 p.m. ET, the Colts invite you to take your blankets, settle in and get cozy on the field for a special in-stadium screening of “The Lego Movie.” Hopefully, this Colts movie night will go a little bit better than the Tennessee Titans, who apparently host movie nights like they play football; not well.

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NFL Combine Review

Nearly a month after Super Bowl 50, the NFL’s offseason is gaining steam. The first act of the offseason being the NFL’s scouting combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The scouting combine in Indy provides all teams in the NFL an early look at the upcoming NFL Draft’s top prospects, creating an environment of physical and mental challenges to judge based upon. Drills such as a 40-yard dash, a broad and high jump, weight repetitions and mental examinations through intense questioning. Let’s look at some of the combine’s top performers from 2016 in Indianapolis.


40-yard dash

4.31 seconds – Keith Marshall, RB, Georgia

Though Marshall’s 27.8 feet per second was best at the 2016 NFL Combine, it was still 0.07 slower than the record set by Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson in 2008 (4.24 seconds).

Bench Press

34 reps – Christian Westerman, OG, Arizona State

Westerman’s 2016 high, though impressive, was still 15 reps short of the 2011 record of 49 set by Stephen Paea of Oregon St.

Biggest Surprise of 2016 – Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State

Miller not only surprised scouts with his hands at the combine, but also his speed and footwork. The former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback-turned-receiver posted the best 60-yard shuttle time of not only all wide receivers, but of the entire combine at 10.84 seconds, just 0.12 seconds shy of the records set by Brandin Cooks in 2014.

Craziest Question Asked

The NFL combine is always known for its crazy questions asked by scouts, to players. This year, Western Kentucky quarterback Brandon Doughty was victim to one of these scenarios.

In his press conference, Doughty said he was give this scenario by one of the teams interviewing him: “You’re on a hill in Alaska, driving a bus and you’re going 100 mph, and as you get to the bottom, going down this hill, all icy, it’s cold, you realize you don’t have any brakes; where are you sitting on this bus?”

Yes, that was a real question. How that pertains to NFL capabilities, we have no idea. But clearly it’s a trick question; the team already said he’s the driver. Bet you didn’t catch that!

Just because it’s the NFL offseason doesn’t mean it’s too early to begin planning for the 2016-17 season! The Colts VIP Tailgate will return in 2016, complete with an open bar and catered food and fun! Check out more information to gear up for the tailgates! And if you’ve got the itch to buy some regular season tickets, how about a complete travel package to London to watch the Colts take on the Jaguars in the International Series!

Colts 2015 Mini Camp Practice

Three months before the Colts official season starts, fans were offered a preview of what the Colts will look like this coming fall. On Wednesday, Lucas Oil Stadium hosted a free open house and Mini Camp for enthusiastic football lovers.

With so many new and some what controversial selections, Colts fans were excited to get their first glimpse into which players could catch, like new Colt Duron Carter. Which players run, like Frank Gore, and which players they could get their picture taken with. One fan held up a sign saying he traveled some thousand of miles to get all the Colts signatures. At the end of practice, as the players were exiting, he was only missing one signature, Andrew Luck’s. One of Luck’s teammates nudged him, and told him about the guy who had traveled so far. So, Luck ran all the way back across the field to add his signature to the super fan’s collection.

The Colts separated into different teams to practice after their warm ups. One group ran drills, one group worked on special teams, and another focused on defensive maneuvers. The practice team who caught most of the crowd’s attention, though, was the offense with Luck. Players formed mock teams to practice against each other, so the fans had the opportunity to watch their favorite quarterback in the league pass to some of his many great options in wide receiver, tight end and running back positions. Spectators also got to watch him throw an interception to Colts safety, Mike Adams in what was a spectacular catch.

Vinatieri Practice Kick

At the tail end of the practice session, Jim Irsay spoke to the Colts players gathered around the fifty yard-line. Robert Mathis made a post-achilles injury appearance to accept a watch from Irsay as part of a heartfelt speech given to the players. All the fans left with enthusiasm for the coming season, great photos of the Colts in action, and lots of first-hand experience of what is to come this season.

Robert Mathis Receives Watch

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