Super Bowl 50: The Sheriff’s Last Ride

And thus, the regular season comes to an end. The 16 weeks of heated competition, followed by wild-card, divisional and championship weekends we won’t soon forget. On Sunday afternoon in Santa Clara, California, it came down to two: the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

Sheriff's Last Ride

The Denver Broncos walked away Super Bowl 50 champions, 24-10 winners over the Carolina Panthers. And in a season that saw turmoil following injury, former Indianapolis Colt Peyton Manning walked away with his second Super Bowl victory, in what could be his final game of his career.

“All I know is, I’m going to go out tonight and drink a lot of beer…drink a lot of Budweiser,” Manning said to CBS Sports analyst Jim Nantz when asked about pondering retirement.

Despite possibly being Manning’s final game as a player, it was the Broncos defense that stepped up and dominated the game. Broncos linebacker Von Miller, who would go on to be named Super Bowl 50 MVP, recorded six tackles, 2.5 sacks and a forced fumble, which ended up leading to the game-clinching touchdown for the Broncos.

Carolina Panthers quarterback and league MVP Cam Newton, who had been phenomenal all season, struggled in Super Bowl 50, garnering only 265 yards and one interception on 18-of-41 passing. Newton was hurried over 20 times in the game, being hit 10 times and sacked 7 times.

Moving forward, the question becomes not if, but when, the Denver Broncos will be handing the reins over to quarterback Brock Osweiler. But for now, the Broncos will enjoy their moment as world champions. And their moment, to drink a lot of Budweiser.

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5 Best Bars Near Levi’s Stadium to go to During Super Bowl 50

What do you do after the Super Bowl is over? If you have some spare time between your Super Bowl Party, your flight time, and meeting your friends, stop by one of the local Santa Clara bars to celebrate your team’s victory. Or if you’re team lost (or didn’t even make it to Super Bowl 50) maybe find a sympathetic support group in other disappointed fans.


5 best bars near levi's stadium


Take this time to watch all the Super Bowl ads on your phone that you missed while you were at the game. Maybe get to know the new friends you found sitting next to you, or enjoy the crazy atmosphere that is the Super Bowl.


If you’re still near Levi’s Stadium, here’s the five best bars for post-Super Bowl 50:


By-Th’-Bucket Bar and Grill

It’s been open since 1959! By-Th’-Bucket Bar and Grill has a nice atmosphere, and lots of TVs to watch post-game recaps. It’s a good place to catch sit back and try a signature cocktail. Their cioppino is particularly good, if you’re hungry after all that cheering. And apparently they just got a gelato case. Yum!

4565 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051



There’s always the option of trying out a hotel bar, if you’re looking for a place to go after all that historic football, but before the big parties start. The Characters bar inside the Santa Clara Mariott is a pretty good option. Catch the replays of the big plays of the game you missed because you were on your phone trying to take a selfie of you with the whole stadium. They’ve got food as well, if you start to get hungry.

2700 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054


Normandy House Lounge

Usually a hub for 49ers fans, they’ll probably make way for the huge influx of Super Bowl fans in the San Francisco 49ers territory. Lots of old school games to play (pool tables) as well as a vintage arcade section. If you feel like competing against another football fan who’s just one-upped your team, get your revenge in a game of air-hockey.

30 Washington St
Santa Clara, CA 95050


Evolution Cafe and Bar

A nicer bar with a “techie” vibe. Evolution Cafe and Bar is a bit more sophisticated than the regular hole-in-the-wall joint. It’s a good place for Santa Clara nightlife in general, but on Super Bowl Sunday you can bet it’s going to be poppin’. 10 draft beers on tap as well as good shrimp tacos. And now we’re hungry just thinking about it.

5101 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara 95054, CA 95054


Woodhams Sports Lounge

Dive bar. Jukebox. Karaoke. Sound good? Woodhams Sports lounge is a fairly inexpensive place with good bartenders and good crowds. Keep up the Super Bowl festivities by being a part of the atmosphere here! Different places are always worth a try on the off chance you could find a new favorite worth the trip down, or over, depending on where you’re from.

4475 Stevens Creek Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95051


The Super Bowl might be crazy and full of people, but you know it’s going to be a good time! Hopefully you fund somewhere good to go after Super Bowl that continues the great atmosphere of the historic game. If you know of a bar near Levi’s Stadium that’s better than any of the others, let us know! Now, let’s watch some football.

What to Bring to Super Bowl 50

Get in gear, and get your gear together! We’ve got a list of what you should bring to Super Bowl 50:


Even if your team already lost, you have to support one squad over the other. Unless you’re going to the Super Bowl just for the halftime show. If that’s the case, all you need to bring into the stadium is your phone, so you can take selfies.


Well, duh. If you’re going to the game, you’re going to need Super Bowl 2016 tickets. Yes, don’t forget that even though it’s the 2015 NFL season, it will be the 2016 Super Bowl. Don’t ask us why, it’s confusing to us as well. Make sure you know where your tickets are physically located, things fall out of your back pockets all the time!

Your Phone

Bring it with you to Super Bowl 50 fully charged. It’s your ticket to the world. Maybe turn on your “Find My Phone” app because you might forget about it in all the excitement.

Clear Plastic Bag Rules

Obviously there’s going to be more security at the game, Levi’s stadium is implementing the clear-bag policy. There are things you can’t bring to the game. Don’t bring big bags, don’t bring anything stupid. And security will be tight! Also, no fanny packs. That one is important. The stadium also won’t allow alcohol, fireworks, beach balls, beverages, or noisemakers. Full info on what you can bring into the stadium here.

NFL bag restrictions

A Really Cool Hat

Bring cool headgear to show off your style. If the Packers make it to the Big Game, that base is already covered, but for everyone else, go nuts. Don’t bring something too big otherwise the people sitting behind you won’t be able to see!

Colts fan in a hat

We’re going to take this time to say, don’t bring face paint. It melts. It gets gross. You forget it’s there and it smears. You can go for the traditional two black stripes on the cheeks. But anything more and you’ll end up with blue paint on your hot dog.


Yes. You’re going to need to bring your best behavior. There will be thousands of people in the Bay Area, most will be tourists. It’s going to get hectic, and crazy. Take a breath, and maybe try to make friends with the cool couple sitting next to you in the stadium while you’re waiting for the game to start.


Get loud! You’re going to the biggest, baddest, best sports event of the year! Bring the hype! Be obnoxious on social media, and tell all your friends you’re going to the Super Booooowwwwwlll! You’re about to see who will become the best football team in the world! You’re watching history! Hoo-rah!

Someone You Like

The last item on our list is probably the most important: bring a calm person with you to the game. You’ll be spending a lot of time next to each other. Make sure your friend is good under pressure, good working out logistics, and good at having fun. You’ll be making memories for a lifetime here. All your pictures you’re going to show your grandkids will have whoever you’re sitting next to in them as well, so maybe he or she should be good looking too.


Now that you’ve got all your stuff together, who’s ready for Super Bowl 2016? The game is Sunday, that’s Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara California. It looks like security will allow people to enter the stadium starting at 11:00 a.m. That seems a little early to us, by then we won’t even have eaten brunch!

Got Everything You Need for Super Bowl 50?

You’ve only got 85 days until Super Bowl 50. It’s not as far away as it seems! If your team is doing well this year, (looking at your Carolina Panther’s fans) it’s easy to get wrapped up in the hype and forget about the post-season. So, here’s a list of everything you need to have in place before heading out to San Francisco to watch some good football.

San Francisco



It’s generally a bad idea to assume you can get tickets at the door for the biggest sporting event in the Unites States. If you buy them early it’s easier to secure the exact seat you want. Double check you remember where you put your tickets in your luggage too, they’re easy to misplace. If you haven’t yet, you can check out Super Bowl 50 tickets now!


Do you have your room booked? If your best friend suddenly decided to bring his new girlfriend, did you remember to update the reservation? Do you know how many days you’re staying? Do you know how far it is from your hotel to the Stadium? Check to see if you can get a deal on hotel rooms if you’re making reservations for the whole family. Or, if you’d prefer, you can get a Super Bowl 2016 package and they’ll take care of all of that for you.


First figure out how many days you want to stay. Then check the calendar to see which day you should fly down. Most importantly, did you remember to call in sick on the Monday after game day? Be sure to double check how many bags you can bring on your plane. Also, don’t forget to arrange transportation to the airport from your house! Sometimes family members aren’t forgiving if you call them at 6 a.m. the day you’re flying out.


Do you know who you’re going with? If you’re planning on going with a big group, did you check to make sure you’re all in the same hotel? Is everyone flying on the same day? Do you know where you’re meeting? Maybe you want to ask around on Facebook or Twitter to see if anyone else is going to the game. That way you can add to the party.


If you make plans now you can still get into the best pre-game tailgates around. Because it’s the Super Bowl, you want to go big! Check out the Players Super Bowl Tailgate, it’s catered by Guy Fieri this year. Because they do all the cooking, you don’t have to worry about finding a grill while you’re traveling.


Once your teams wins the day, you’ll want somewhere great to party! There are some great San Francisco events you can buy tickets for. Don’t get stuck looking for space in a crowded bar after the game. The closer we get to game day, the more details will be available on Super Bowl parties.


Do you know how to get to Levi’s Stadium from where you’re staying? We offer game-day transportation as part of our Super Bowl Packages. But in case you’re renting a car, here’s the address for the stadium: 4900 Marie P Bartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054. And directions for getting there.

Date and Time

The NFL recommends fans arrive by 11:00 a.m. on February 7th 2016. Look at what you can bring into the stadium before you leave. It should be gorgeous in California, but don’t forget to check the weather before you go!


When you’re pretty sure your team is going to make it, don’t put off making plans for Super Bowl 2016. There’s a lot to plan for before we even get to the playoffs. If you wait until you’re 100% sure your team will be in the running for a ring, you’ll miss out on some great Super Bowl package deals.


Have a great time!

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