Super Bowl 50 Favorites: You Called It, the Indianapolis Colts

Several large football news organizations are betting the Indianapolis Colts to win, or at least be a part of Super Bowl 50. The Colts have entered into the swirl of names that get thrown around to make a deep playoff run. They’re there with the Patriots, Seahawks, Packers, Broncos and Cowboys.


Andrew Luck Meets Aaron Rodgers



Way back in March Colts were Vegas odds favorites to win Super Bowl 50. More recently, the CBS Prediction Machine simulation has Packers over Colts in Super Bowl 50. USA Today makes a good point. They bring up the fact that each year coaching with the Colts, Coach Pagano and Andrew Luck have gotten farther and done better. So, if that patterns holds, this year they’ll be in Super Bowl 50. Even the International Business Times listed the Colts as one of the main favorites.

But what does all this hype mean? Pretty much just that. It’s hype. It’s early in the year. All these predictions are looking at last year’s team, but the Colts have changed since then. All these predictions really say is that the Colts did well last year, they’re expected to do well again, watch out everyone else.

More importantly, the Colts will continue to either grow or get hurt over the course of the season. By becoming early prohibitive favorites, the Colts lose their underdog, under the radar status.

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