Count Up to Super Bowl 50: A Look Back at Super Bowl XII

Finally, a game worth talking about! Super Bowl XII was played between the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos. The Cowboys took home the lead with a final score of 27-10. This game was played on January 15, 1978 with an attendance of 75, 583 people. It was played in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Louisiana Super Dome.

The Cowboys had quite the game and their defense conquered most of Super Bowl XII. The Cowboys had such a good defense going on that they forced eight turnovers and were “kind” enough to only let 8 pass completions happen. Butch Johnson could be considered the star of Super Bowl XII, when he dove into the end zone, making a catch that resulted in a 45 yard touchdown reception. Two other stars of the game included Randy White defensive tackle and defensive end Harvey Martin. This was the first and only time in Super Bowl history that two players won the MVP honors.

The cost of a 30 second commercial really went up in 1978 to a total cost of $162,000. Pat Summerall was yet again an announcer for the Super Bowl, along with Tom Brookshier. The game aired on the CBS network and the halftime show included entertainment like Pete Fountain and Al Hirt.

How to Prep for a Sunday Tailgate

The seven steps before you start your checklist:


At a Tailgate

1. Find friends.

Don’t have friends? Try calling up the people in your contacts list who you’re pretty sure will bring lots of beer. Beer. Beer. Beer.

2. Plan food.

What are you going to a tailgate for? Those stale white, with a little bit of flour in a weird patch, hamburger buns are a classic. Ask around before you leave to make sure you don’t have a vegan in your midst. If you do come across a vegetarian make sure to leave them out in the sun so they can get lots of rain and sunshine. Here’s our favorite tailgating foods, if you need inspiration.

3. Read the tailgating rules.

Then pretend to follow the tailgating rules. Some stadiums now prohibit alcohol. Those heathens.

4. Get someone smart to pack all your stuff.

Thank them profusely. Show your gratitude by giving them some hand-crafted pale ale you mooched off the dude two cars down.

5. Plan your outfit the night before.

Kidding. Just make sure your jersey is near the top of the laundry basket so you can find it in a hurry. Double check the number to make sure that guy is still on the team.

6. Set reminders on your phone.

Add a note as to what your friends cars look like. Maybe drop a little red pin into your maps to remember where you parked your car. If you’re grilling, set a time to remind you to put the marinated meat on that grill.

7. Buy tickets.

You might be going to the game just for the tailgate party, but you still have to go support the team who’s colors you’re wearing on your face. Also, don’t leave those tickets in the visor of the car you left at home. You can buy Colts tickets from Bullseye Event Group. See you in Lucas Oil Stadium!

Or if you’re a Colts fan, you could leave all your stuff at home and buy tickets to the Colts VIP tailgate, it’s the best tailgate in Indianapolis.

Colts Tickets and VIP Tailgate Packages

The Indianapolis Colts return after an exciting run last year. And this season looks even better with trades and new draftees adding to a good looking roster. Bullseye Event Group wants to give you the best fan experience with seating and pricing options for Indianapolis Colts tickets. Give yourself plenty of opportunities to wear out all your different Colts jerseys. And Bullseye has many Indianapolis Colts ticket options.

For the best Colts fan experience, the VIP Tailgate packages and tickets are the way to go. Save the prep time of tailgating and come to Bulleye Event Group’s VIP Tailgate. A ticket for tailgating includes: a top-shelf open bar by Jim Beam, an open beer and wine bar from Miller Coors and Heineken, a Morton’s Steakhouse as the official food provider, and Coca-Cola refreshments. Enjoy the nice Indianapolis weather on a patio outside or come inside at The Crane Bay Event Center, which is just a short walk from Lucas Oil Stadium.

View from the Crane Bay Patio

Watch pre-game coverage on hdtv screens while lounging on couches. Parking for VIPs is available on game day. There’s also a live broadcast site of ESPN 1070’s The Fan with JMV and Big Joe Staysniak. Individual game passes are available along with season VIP Tailgate tickets. The Tailgate opens three hours before the game and closes after kickoff.Special visits from Colts Cheerleaders, former Colts players, and previous NFL players. VIP Tailgate tickets are available for individuals or groups.


New Colts Players to Look Out For This Season

Colts Players during Mini Camp


The Colts Training Camp is only a month away. Players will walk away from the heat of summer and toward the glorious football turf. But, this off-season hasn’t been quiet for the Colts. They made big-name free-agency pick-ups and a loud semi-controversial draft pick. Here’s a quick look at what to look for from these new, and new to the Colts, players at the 2015 training camp:


Trent Cole (LB)
The Colts picked up Trent Cole who will fill up some gaping holes in the defensive line as linebacker. If Robert Mathis returns in good health, he and Cole could somewhat balance out the offensive/defensive gap. But he could act as a back-up option if Robert Mathis continues to have problems. In practice, look for Pagano to try and create a five man set starting line early in the practices.


Todd Herremans (G)
As ten-year veteran from the Eagles, he’s an experienced guard. But he’s also versatile enough to play different spots on the offensive line. Most likely, he’ll be competing for the right-guard spot against Hugh Thornton. Given that he’s started some 124 games, he’ll bring solid play.


Nate Irving (ILB)
He signed with the Colts in March as a free-agent with a three-year contract in the middle of a knee-injury recovery. If all goes well, he’ll be able to start training camp on August 1st with an opportunity to prove himself. He’ll offer competition to Freeman and Jackson as inside linebacker. He’s younger, 26, so he’s not part of the Colts aging roster problems.


Duron Carter (WR)
Carter is coming in as another big-bodied receiver. He signed back in February, transferring over from the Canadian league, before other receivers were acquired. With all the competition for the offensive positions, he’s got a lot to prove. Carter did well with the Montreal Alouettes where he totaled 124 receptions in his past two seasons.


Frank Gore (RB)
Gore makes a big off-season addition to the Colts. He’s committed, he works hard, and he’s consistent. He regularly has 1,000 yard seasons, and he’s a five-time Pro-Bowler. The Colts haven’t had a running back net 1,000 yards since Joseph Addai back in 2007. At 32, Gore may not play for many more years, but he’s had a great career and should add a much needed running game.


Andre Johnson (WR)
It looks like the Colts don’t have enough offensive options. Kidding. Johnson’s skill makes him a big target. Because of his age, 33, he may be more of a possession receiver. With the Texans, he was dependable, and without Reggie Wayne, this go-to guy position needs to be filled. It will be interesting to see exactly he’ll find his place in the Colts offensive playbook.


Dwight Lowery (S)
Lowery adds depth for the safety position and some completion for defensive spots on the Colts team. A veteran player at 29, he’s been in the NFL for seven seasons, and seems to know what’s he’s doing. There’s a good chance he’ll start games and add to the experience of the defensive backfield.


Phillip Dorsett (WR)
Dorsett is a somewhat controversial draft pick given the already prolific offensive options for Andrew Luck. But, he seemed impossible to resist to the Colts who signed him to a four-year contract. He’s young, which will add longevity to the Colts bench. But more importantly, he’s fast. The downside to choosing Dorsett is that the Colts lost an option for a better defensive draft pick. Without a balance, the Colts could end up with a whole lot of firepower and no protection.


Kendall Langford (DE)
As a 6’6 and 3ll lbs. defensive end, he’s offering big help on the defensive line to a team that needs it. Langford played 112 consecutive games, which makes him solid and dependable, something the Colts could use in his position.


Go see these new players this season with Indianapolis Colts tickets and maybe find a new favorite player.

Count Up to Super Bowl 50: A Look at Super Bowl IV

January 11, 1970 brought about an unforgettable Super Bowl IV between the Minnesota Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs. This game was played in New Orleans, Louisiana at Tulane Stadium. The conditions of the game were very wet but the Kansas City Chiefs played their hearts out. A massive 80,562 people attended Super Bowl IV in 1970. At the end of the game the Kansas City Chiefs won against the Minnesota Vikings 23-7.

Most experts went into this game thinking the NFL team playing at Super Bowl IV would win. However, the Kansas City Chiefs proved them wrong. The Chiefs had some major defense going on and only allowed the Vikings to 67 rushing yards. The Super Bowl MVP happened to be Len Dawson of the Kansas City Chiefs. Dawson was able to complete 12 of 17 passes for 142 yards and that resulted in one touchdown and one interception.

The halftime was show was one of the most interesting shows this far during Super Bowl. Carol Channing was the halftime entertainment, which changed things up a bit because halftime shows typically resulted in a college band playing. The announcers for Super Bowl IV were Jack Buck and Pat Summerall, which made for an attention-grabbing Super Bowl IV.

10 Best Tailgating Foods for Game Day

It’s game day. The jerseys are on. The tickets are safely tucked away. The phone has been checked three times for fantasy football standings. It’s time. Everyone’s ready. Let’s eat!

10 Best Tailgating Foods for Game Day:



Meat on the Grill

1. Meat (ribs, burgers, pulled pork, steak, hot dogs, brats, wings, kebabs, bacon, chicken, weird vegan patties)

Yes, we’ve lumped all the good stuff into one category. It had to be done. If we were to put each meat we loved in its own spot on this list, we’d have no room for anything else. And we like everything else. We don’t want to eat just meat, no matter how delicious a famous 6-hour patented rub/soak extravaganza is. We need other stuff. So, we’ve stuck the ribs (with sauce so spicy it requires a dip in the lake) on the same spot in the list as the hot dogs, and the bratwursts, and the pork, and the chicken sandwiches. But, whatever meat ends up the centerpiece of the tailgate, please don’t forget the meat. Write it on the checklist. Check the checklist. Don’t leave the checklist at home.

2. Chip Dip (and the chips to go along with it)

Chips taste delicious. They’re portable. Perfect for game day. They’re possible to eat while trash talking. What makes chips better? Chip dip so thick it breaks the chips into little tiny pieces that we try to dig out with our fingers.

3. Chili

Ok, so someone’s going to burn the chili. Or someone will say spaghetti doesn’t belong in chili. Or olives don’t belong in chili. Or someone will bring too much and try to pawn it off on unsuspecting Tupperware recipients. But, chili is a staple. And it’s a staple for a reason. It’s delicious. It’s versatile and leaves room for interpretations and regional flavors. Don’t try the old, “but we have to bring spoons and bowls if we have chili.” Look at all the stuff in the backseat!

4. Potato Salad

The classic. The necessary. The eternal debate on mayonnaise vs. mustard, vs. vinegar will live on longer than the memory of the immaculate reception. A great part about tailgating is walking around and getting a chance to peek over everyone’s shoulders and finding a new way to cook the favorites. One day we’ll will find the perfect potato salad recipe. That will be a glorious day.

5. Corn

Embrace the healthy! But make sure to soak the corn in sugar water and dunk it in butter and salt.

6. Sliders

Sliders or sandwiches cut into cute little triangles are a favorite. No one doesn’t like good stuff stuffed between more good stuff that they can eat with their fingers. Sliders are great because they’re small and handheld which is good for playing iPhone games while munching. There’s a little leeway room for creativity in sandwiches, like incorporating team colors into the tasty snacks. (hopefully not both of the Steelers colors, we’re not too sure about black foods that aren’t in the chocolate or bean family)

7. Coleslaw

The greasy food needs a counterpoint. This is it. Crisp, fresh, tangy, crunchy. And it comes in these wonderful, huge tubs that will feed a hungry army of post-workout teenage boys which is great in a time crunch.

Watermelon in a Bowl

8. Watermelon

The quintessential summer fruit is perfect for tailgating. Something about the color. Or more likely, about the presence of seeds to spit at unsuspecting passersby. But watermelon is a must.

9. Jambalaya

What? Jambalaya? Really? Yes. It’s another great – make this in a big pot and let it sit – recipes. It’s a perfect alternative to chili by adding some oomph to the spoon. Plus it’ll give you an excuse to be wearing Mardi Gras beads.

Cookies in a Stack

10. Cookies

Bring cookies. They even come pre-made in the shape of team’s logos. Twenty minutes after the main course is done, the sweet tooth will start talking. If cookies are too difficult, buy the cupcakes with the little plastic football rings on top. It may be the closest this team will ever get to a Super Bowl ring.

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