“Way Too Early” Odds for Super Bowl 55 | Tampa 2021

A few weeks removed from one of the most exciting Super Bowls of the last decade, the Kansas City Chiefs are your defending Super Bowl champions. As all eyes turn to Tampa for Super Bowl 55, we’re taking a look at the way-too-early odds for the big game in 2021.

  • The Kansas City Chiefs, of course, are the current odds-on favorites to defend their title from Super Bowl LIV in Miami.
  • The Baltimore Ravens, one of the hottest teams of the 2019 NFL season, come in a close second to make it to Tampa in 2021.
  • The San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots round out the top five to make Super Bowl LV.
  • The Miami Dolphins (+12500) and Washington Redskins (+15000) currently host the lowest odds of making Super Bowl 55.

* — odds as of February 3, 2020 via Bovada



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Countdown to 2020 Miami: Super Bowl XIX

For the first time in Super Bowl history, an essential home-game for one team as the Road to 2020 Super Bowl 54 in Miami continues with Super Bowl XIX between the NFC-champion San Francisco 49ers and AFC-champion Miami Dolphins.

Montana vs. Marino

Played at Stanford Stadium in Stanford, California in 1985, Super Bowl XIX between the 49ers and Dolphins was an essential home game for San Francisco, as nearly 85,000 fans strong would pack the stands. In dominating fashion, the 49ers would capture yet another title, defeating the Dolphins 38-16.

Leading up to Super Bowl XIX, the hype surrounded mainly two players; the quarterbacks. What would go on to be two Hall of Famers going head-to-head, the 49ers’ Joe Montana would face off against the Dolphins’ Dan Marino, the first time facing one another in the big game. Each would throw for more than 300 yards, but it was Montana would go on to get the best of Marino.

Super Bowl XIX was the first time the big game was broadcast on ABC, and President Ronald Reagan became the first sitting president to participate in pre-game ceremonies, conducting the coin toss, which would take part in a televised event directly from the White House. The cost for a commercial during Super Bowl XIX sharply increased to a whopping $525,000 for 30 seconds of air time, with more than 85.53 million viewers watching the big game.



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Super Bowl 54 in Miami

Countdown to 2020 Miami: Super Bowl XVII

As we continue on the Road to the 2020 Super Bowl LIV in Miami, we’re looking back at Super Bowl XVII between two historic franchises, the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins.

A Record-Setting Super Bowl

Played in front of over 100,000 fans strong at the famed Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, the Washington Redskins would show up and show out, capturing their first Super Bowl victory in 1983. A then-Super Bowl record, the Redskins would post 263 rushing yards in Super Bowl XVII, paving the way for running back John Riggins to walk away as the Super Bowl MVP.

Riggins would set not one but two Super Bowl records in 1983, both in rushing attempts (38) and yards rushing (166), also carrying the ball for one touchdown.

Once again, unsurprisingly, the cost of a commercial rose in 1983, rising to $400,000 for a 30-second TV spot. Over 81 million fans worldwide tuned in to catch Super Bowl XVII, with the big game’s popularity at an all-time high.The National Anthem was sung by Leslie Easterbrook, and the halftime show included Bob Jani Productions presents “KaleidoSUPERscope” with the Los Angeles Super Drill Team.



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Super Bowl 54 in Miami

Countdown to 2020 Miami: Super Bowl VIII

Once again continuing their run of dominance in the league, the Miami Dolphins would make their third-straight Super Bowl appearance in 1974, this time facing off against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl VIII.

Two-Straight for Miami

Playing in their third-straight Super Bowl appearance against yet another different opponent, the Miami Dolphins would go on to capture their second-straight Super Bowl victory, a 24-7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Although not undefeated like their previous season, the Dolphins would become just the second repeat Super Bowl champions in just eight total tries, matching the famed Green Bay Packers with two Super Bowl victories.

Super Bowl VIII was also the first to not be hosted by big cities such as New Orleans, Miami or Los Angeles in the modern era. Instead, the game was played at Rice University’s football stadium in Houston, Texas, their first of what would become three hosted Super Bowls, most recently in 2017 at Super Bowl LI. Larry Csonka, running back for the Miami Dolphins, would become the first running back in league history to be named Super Bowl MVP, rushing for 145 yards on 33 carries for the team.

Pat Summerall would once again handle the broadcasting duties for the Super Bowl, alongside Ray Scott and Bart Starr. The cost of a 30-second commercial rose nearly $15,000 in 1973, up to $103,000. At halftime, fans got a “taste of Texas” when the Westchester Wranglerettes performed alongside the University of Texas Longhorn Marching Band.



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Super Bowl 54 in Miami

Countdown to 2020 Miami: Super Bowl VII

Still to this day, on the Road to Super Bowl LIV in Miami, the only team to finish an undefeated season with a Super Bowl victory, the 1972-73 NFL season culminated with a Super Bowl VII victory for the Miami Dolphins.

A 1972 Pursuit of Perfection

Played in front of over 90,000 fans strong at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California, on January 14, 1973, host of Super Bowl LVI in 2022, the Miami Dolphins would capture the NFL’s first (and to this day only) perfect season, rounding it out with a 14-7 victory over the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII.

After losing to the Dallas Cowboys the previous season in Super Bowl VI, the team came back with a vengeance during their perfect run, capturing their first ever Super Bowl victory in 1973. Super Bowl MVP would go on to be awarded to safety Jake Scott, just the second defensive player in NFL history to earn MVP honors. Super Bowl VII was quite the defensive battle, to this date still being the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history.

When the Super Bowl began airing on television, commercial air time was quite expensive, though it’s nothing compared to what it costs today. A 30-second spot on TV in 1973 was around $88,000. However, that’s chump change compared to what brands are paying in today’s day and age, well into the millions. The halftime show for Super Bowl VII consisted of another marching band act, this time Woody Herman and the University of Michigan marching band.



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Super Bowl 54 in Miami

Colts vs. Dolphins

The Colts will surely be disappointed to leave the sunny wonderful weather of Indianapolis in December to play the Miami Dolphins in Florida, as the Colts finish up their softer stretch of regular season games.

The Dolphins face the same perpetual problem as the Colts; they both have to overcome the New England Patriots to get anywhere. Since the 2001, the Patriots have gone 66-20 in the Dolphins’ AFC East. That doesn’t leave much room for anyone else.

This season, it’s all about who can make the playoffs besides the Patriots. Buffalo, Miami, and the Jets are all gunning for that same spot. The Dolphins haven’t won a playoff game since they beat the Colts in 2000. If the Dolphins records don’t start to turn around, newer guys like VP Mike Tannenbaum and Dennis Hickey, could be let go. But, it’s been the Patriots show for a long while now, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

To combat this problem, Dolphins picked up Ndamukong Suh, in big-ticket, offseason move. With him they’re building something of a formidable defense. Watch for the rookie linebacker Zach Vigil to add young talent to the line. And don’t forget to watch out for Brent Grimes, CB, who’s made the pro-bowl the past two years. The Dolphins are hoping that the presence of a few good players will create a ripple effect through the rest of the team.

But, by the time the end of the season rolls around, most coaches will be more focused on keeping their players healthy for the playoffs. With Miami’s big off-season moves, they’re looking to make it past the scheduled sixteen games. So, these last couple matchups will determine who’s stays healthy to play post-season, and if the Dolphins might even make it to post-season.

The Indianapolis Colts will play the Miami Dolphins the Sunday after Christmas, on the 27th. The 2015 Colts v Dolphins game will be broadcast on CBS. Kickoff starts at 1:00 p.m. at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. If you’d like to go support the Colts down in Miami, you can buy Colts vs Dolphins tickets.


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