Indianapolis Colts v. Atlanta Falcons

The Indianapolis Colts have a much needed bye week right before they play the Atlanta Falcons. The break comes after a gristly set of games, but leads into an easier final stretch for the Colts. By the time the Colts are at this point in the season, with most of their sticky games behind them, whether or not they’ll come out on top of the AFC will already be determined.

The Falcons are looking to be contenders in the NFC South. It’s a notoriously bad division. So that won’t take much, really. The Falcons fall right in front of the Colts for easiest NFL schedule of the season. So they might win that title after all, losing record or not.

On the plus side, the Falcons have themselves a new head coach in Dan Quinn. He excelled as Seahawks defensive coordinator, but this will be his first year as a head coach.

Watch for Falcons first round pick, Vic Beasley Jr., OLB. He goes for the quarterback quickly, and hard. He’s 6’3, 240. But, again, he’s fast. He’s part of the defensive line that general manager Thomas Dimitroff was tasked with fixing. This season will determine whether or not he goes the way of last year’s head coach.

On offense, as always, Julio Jones is the gold standard. Because of T.Y. Hilton’s huge wide receiver contract, many other WRs are looking for just that kind of money. Julio Jones included.

The Falcons pass rush is also on the up and up. If this continues, and the run game heads towards their own goal. The Falcons might come out of this season with a winning record. But, the Colts are going to be one of the teams they lose to.

Week 11 for the Colts has them on the road to face the Atlanta Falcons in their Georgia Dome on Sunday November 22nd. Kick off starts at 1:00 p.m. The Colts v. Falcons game will be broadcast on CBS. You can go to that game in person by buying Colts vs Falcons tickets.

Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints

The Indianapolis Colts continue their difficult stretch in the middle of their season. As an early prediction, the Colts will probably beat the Saints. But if there was going to be an all-out shootout game, this would be it. Expect the score to be well over 30 for both teams. They play the New Orleans Saints and their formidable Drew Brees at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 25th.

Drew Brees will be welcomed back to Indiana by many Purdue alumni, even though he’s not playing for the home team He led the Boilermakers to major Big Ten glory before he was drafted by the San Diego Chargers. He leads the division title hopeful Saints.

The Saints are trying for a bounce-back season after last year’s disappointing 7-9 record. They’ve upped their defense. They’re likely to make a playoff run this year, the only major question being if they can defeat a team like Seattle or the Packers without home field advantage.

Watch for rookie rusher Hau’oli Kikaha to start most games for the Saints. He’ll hopefully help last year’s issues and be effective on pass rush. Hopefully neither he nor any other player will get into fights at joint practice sessions with the Patriots.

The Colts play the Saints in week seven on October 25th at 1:00 p.m. We’ve got tickets to the Colts vs. Saints game! Don’t forget to attend the pre-game VIP Colts Tailgate for great food and fun!



Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots

Game of the season? Game of the season. It’s a primetime rematch of the AFC playoff game last year. No one remembers that game, though. Nope. Nothing interesting happened at all.

It all happened later, January 18th to be specific. That’s when Bob Kravitz broke the story on Twitter. It’s not as if the Colts vs. Patriots rivalry was non-existent before. But, post-deflategate, the resentment is going to come to a head.

The last time the Colts played the Patriots they had the same problems that have perpetually plagued them. The Colts quarterback couldn’t gain momentum. The Colts couldn’t stop the run. The Patriots, again, beat the Colts. The Colts fans left the game feeling resentful.

There’s only more fuel on that fire now. Not only is there the desire to do better against the team which kicked them out of the playoffs. There’s the ongoing rivalry. There’s the desire to beat the team who cheats. And there’s Reggie Wayne, who played 14 seasons for the Colts, and for one fleeting moment decided to play for the 0ther side.

They got slaughtered by the Pats (45-7.) The Colts defense, or lack there of, failed big time. This game will see whether or not they’ve plugged any of the gaping holes. If the Colts defense continues to struggle this year, the game will come down to the question that Colts fans may be often asking themselves this season, “how many points do we have to score to make up for that?”

The Colts will probably top the AFC with the best record, given the Patriot’s Tom Brady will sit out for the first four games. Cough. Cough. But the Patriots are more than their quarterback. Gronk, TE, continues to dominate. Jamie Collins, OLB, who played a breakout season last year, will grow into a high-quality defender. Finally, watch for Malcolm Butler, after his Super Bowl save, to become the cornerback.

This is the game to go to. The crowds will be amazing, and the pre-game parties will be crazy. The Indianapolis Colts play the New England Patriots on October 18th in Lucas Oil Stadium. Kickoff’s at 8:30 p.m. Get tickets for the Colts Tailgate VIP party before the game, which is less than two blocks from the stadium. You can also buy tickets for the Colts vs. Patriots game.



Indianapolis Colts v. Houston Texans

The Indianapolis Colts face their real first match up of the season in week five against the Houston Texans. Going into this season, the Texans flaws run deeper on offense than the Colts issues on defense. And the Colts now have Andre Johnson on their side. So, it’s likely the Colts will come out on top of this matchup. There’s only so much J.J. Watt can do.


The Texans defensive bench overall is a bit too crowded with good players. J.J. Watt’s superstar defensive power will find a good defensive buddy in DE Jared Crick. Jadeveon Clowney, OLB, was College All-American his sophomore year. He suffered a torn meniscus in his rookie season with the Tezans, but will be up and running for games this fall. He should prove immensely valuable. On the offensive side, Texans running back Arian Foster suffered an injury in training camp . So now the Texans have to scramble. And they’re still struggling with their quarterback position.

Taking the division will be a major stepping stone for the Colts going into this season. How the Colts preform against the Texans will go a long way to determining how far their playoff run will go this season, and if they top the AFC South. Barring injuries, it looks to be a long run. Whichever way the game falls, they’ll be a rematch, this time on home turf at Lucas Oil Stadium, on December 20th.


The Colts play the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium on October 8th at 8:25 p.m. on CBS or NFL Network. Even better, if you want to go see that game live, Indianapolis Colts tickets are available.

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp

For the Colts, training camp means holing up at Anderson University, staying in the dorms, and concentrating on the season. They eat there, they sleep there, and most importantly, they practice. Any students and staff at Anderson have been told not to approach the players, because they need to focus, they’re there to work. Expectations are high this year as the Colts are being favorite to go to the Super Bowl.

At Tuesday’s practice the Colts looked good. For the three hours in afternoon practice, the Colts worked on drills and full team practice that included pads and hard tackling for the first time. Defense and offensive drills took on a new intensity with the added protection. Andrew Luck looked good. He has yet to throw an interception. Frank Gore looked made a couple deep run plays during Tuesday’s practice. He along with veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson are new additions to the Colts this season. Though they’re older players, they are fitting in well with the Colts. Coby Fleener and Boom Herron also stood out at practice, making deep run plays, as did T.Y. Hilton. Hilton. Needless to say, the offense for the season is ready and set.


Frank Gore at Indianapolis Colts Training Camp



Colts only have a few more cuts to make before they are ready to start the season. And what a promising season it looks to be. Coach Pagano addressed some defensive issues. As, the starting offense line looks more set as the same group stacked up again on the fourth day of training camp. The line looked like this: RT Jack Mewhort, RG Todd Herremans, C Khaled Holmes and LG Lance Louis. Although with different smaller groups rotating out with quarterbacks.


Colts Drill at Training Camp


Training Camp will lead right up to the preseason games starting on September 16th. You’re going to want to start game day with the VIP Tailgate Party because this is the season to celebrate in style! And don’t forget to get your Colts tickets so you can see them play live.

Colts 2015 Schedule

The Indianapolis Colts were only one game away from the Super Bowl last season, and expectations are running high for this year. The anticipated games come a bit later in the season this year. The Colts play previous dynasty leader, Peyton Manning and the Broncos in week 9. The Colts go up against the Patriots in week six in what will be a rematch of last year’s playoff ending run. Andrew Luck will continue to lead a high-scoring offense which is sure to make each game fun to watch.

Colts 2015 Schedule


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Colts Tickets and VIP Tailgate Packages

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View from the Crane Bay Patio

Watch pre-game coverage on hdtv screens while lounging on couches. Parking for VIPs is available on game day. There’s also a live broadcast site of ESPN 1070’s The Fan with JMV and Big Joe Staysniak. Individual game passes are available along with season VIP Tailgate tickets. The Tailgate opens three hours before the game and closes after kickoff.Special visits from Colts Cheerleaders, former Colts players, and previous NFL players. VIP Tailgate tickets are available for individuals or groups.


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