Super Bowl XLVII – Records – Good & Bad!

The 2013 edition of America’s favorite football event saw many other firsts as well. There were some good ones and some ‘not so great’ ones, but they will be remembered nonetheless! Here’s a snapshot of those Super Bowl events that made it into the record books last season.

  • Longest kickoff return – Jacoby Jones of Baltimore Ravens set a postseason record of a 108 yard return.
  • Longest kickoff return for touchdown and longest play – 108 yards, Jacoby Jones
  • Longest touchdown run by a quarterback – 15 yards by Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers.
  • Most combined yards – Jacoby Jones with 290 yards (206 on kickoff returns, 28 on punt returns, 56 on receiving yards).
  • First team with two Super Bowl kickoff returns for touchdowns – Baltimore Ravens
  • Longest National Anthem performance! – 156 seconds by American singer Alicia Keys crossing the earlier record of 152 seconds by Natalie Cole.
  • Longest power outage! – 34 minutes, the power to half the Mercedes Benz Superdome went out in the early part of the third quarter causing a thirty four minute delay in the game
  • Longest game! – Refer to point 7 above for the obvious reason!!
  • First brothers to coach against each other in the Super Bowl- Jim and John Harbough. Jim led the 49ers while John, the Baltimore Ravens.
  • First Super Bowl halftime performance to be streamed online – Beyonce, Super Bowl XLVIII
  • Most social event in television history – Super Bowl XLVII. According to third party research firms monitoring the proceedings of the big game, more than 52.5 million social comments were tracked throughout the day, over three times the previous top events of the 2012 Grammy Awards and Super Bowl XLVI.
  • Maximum number of live stream views – Live streaming through, and NFL Mobile from Verizon set the record of maximum viewership for a single-game sporting event in the US.

This was last year’s story! This year the stakes are even higher as the chosen location itself is ‘sui generis’ – the MetLife Stadium promises to be a one of a kind experience being the first outdoor stadium chosen in a cold weather city for the Super Bowl and without a dome above.

Get ready to see more records being set or existing ones being broken! Book your 2014 Super Bowl ticket packages for friends and family with Bullseye Event Group and enjoy the experience live!

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