Super Bowl Ticket Fraud – Have You Been a Victim?

New Jersey consumer fraud laws prohibit the sale of specific seats that have yet to be sold on the primary market. Since the NFL hasn’t begun selling tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII yet, any website that promises to sell you a specific ticket is committing fraud.

Why should we point this out to you? We want fans to get what they pay for, and in order for that to happen, you need to know exactly what you’re getting; honesty is a key factor in any purchase.

Any broker that offers you a specific seat or promises you will have seats even in a certain section does not have that authorization, nor do they have any guarantee that they will receive those tickets when they do go on sale.

Ticket brokers like Bullseye are able to pre-purchase a certain number of tickets, all in the same region (for example, the “upper endzone”), but we have no guarantee about seat or section numbers (yet; we will know that information soon). We want you to be aware of this as buyers, because even though you may be tempted to purchase a ticket from another broker that might have slightly cheaper prices, we are always honest with you about what you’re purchasing, and we work with our clients to ensure they have a fantastic experience; we’re not just in it for the money.

So before you make a purchase from a company that’s offering you a front row view, remember that not even the NFL has begun selling prime tickets yet, and according to the law, other brokers can’t do that either. If a broker is going to be dishonest with you about your seat number, what else might they lie to you about?

Call Bullseye Event Group for honest information, decent prices and a fabulous experience. We are your number one authorized source for the ultimate Super Bowl Experience and we offer so much more than just tickets. Find out what we have for you; call us at 888-900-6564 today!

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