Are Super Bowl Hotels Sold Out?

Have you tried booking a hotel for the upcoming Super Bowl? If you’re trying to book a hotel directly or through a third party retailer like Priceline, good luck.

Hotels in the NY/NJ area have been sold out for months! Travel agencies and brokerage companies (along with that small group of exceptionally over-prepared people) bought up every room within a 50 mile radius almost as soon as the location for Super Bowl XLVIII was announced.

So what are your options? Well, you can purchase your hotel rooms through any number of travel agencies or brokerage companies, and expect to pay a serious markup fee. Another option is to purchase through Bullseye Event Group. Instead of charging you an arm and a leg over what we pay, our company works hard to broker deals and offer you travel packages that actually SAVE you money rather than empty your wallet!

When you purchase through Bullseye, you aren’t just paying for a hotel room. Depending on the type of Super Bowl package you buy, you may be purchasing event tickets, attraction tickets, food vouchers, hotel rooms, and any number of other items that you will want included in your travel experience. Plus, you’ll be in the heart of Times Square for the Super Bowl Boulevard!

Planning your Super Bowl XLVIII excursion through us not only makes financial sense, it also makes practical sense! You can eliminate half of the planning involved when you trust us with your ticket package! Don’t waste time searching for the best prices; you won’t find them anywhere but here. Give Bullseye Event Group a call today at 888-900-6564 for more information on how you can experience all the best of what NY/NJ will offer during Super Bowl week!  

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