Super Bowl Halftime Shows Remembered

The early years of the Super Bowl in the 1960’s featured shows from several different college marching bands. In the 1970’s, the organizers began to introduce a few big name performers like Carol Channing and Andy Williams into the mix of marching bands.

Theme based shows also became popular in the 70’s. Tributes to famous artists, or Disney based shows like “It’s a Small World” took the center stage for a couple of decades, always including a host of different artists and a huge spectacle of lights, sounds and artistic expression to honor the theme of the year.

In the 2000’s, the theme shows have come and gone, some years just boasting big names and concert extravaganzas. A few of the most memorable shows through the years have been:

1993 – Super Bowl XXVII

Michael Jackson redefined Super Bowl tradition by being the first single performer to appear on stage during the entire halftime show. Realizing the declining audience rates for the game, the NFL chose to wield Jackson’s star power to pique interest in the game and boost ratings. His presence is said to have catapulted halftime ratings higher than before it and is considered one of the most-watched shows in television history.

2002 – Super Bowl XXXVI

The performance by U2 was a moving tribute to the 9/11 victims just months after the horrific tragedy. With a 200 feet screen behind the band on stage scrolling the names of all who were killed on that fateful day, the performance gave them a fitting salutation. The show with a patriotic touch to it ended with Bono opening up his jacket to display the American flag lining.

2005 – Super Bowl XXXIX

Paul McCartney was the perfect performer choice for the show after Janet Jackson’s controversial wardrobe malfunction in 2004. NFL authorities zeroed in on him, expecting a more mellow performance with just the right mix to hold the crowd. And they were not disappointed! His brilliant performance had the entire crowd singing along to every song, and eager for more.

Without a doubt, the upcoming game at MetLife will have to get creative for their halftime show – being the first game held in an outdoor stadium in cold weather. The challenges add to the show’s appeal and mystery as we all anxiously await the announcement for who will perform. Want to see a halftime show in person? Book your tickets for Super Bowl 2014 now with Bullseye Event Group and make sure you are around when the curtains go up!

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