Are Your Super Bowl Dreams Fantasy or Reality?

What does your fantasy team look like? Did it pan out the way you’d hoped? Depending on the type of league you are in, your team can look drastically different than some of the top recommendations, but you may still end up with a winning Super Bowl team!

If you’re in a league that scores heavier for quarterbacks, your team will look very different from someone with your same draft position who is in a league that scores heavier for wide receivers. The beauty of fantasy football, however, is that it can all go up in flames or victory at any moment.

When “fantasy” sports began, they started with baseball. In a sport that plays well over 100 games each season, flukes and kinks are likely to average out by the end, and the player who truly has the best team will most likely prevail. Not so with fantasy football. You may have had the #1 draft position, and you may have gotten all of the players you wanted to fill your slots, but all it takes is one injury, one fumble, one defensive touchdown to throw off your chances.

This year may prove to be an interesting one for football as the talent seems to be spread thin. ESPN’s fantasy player rankings recognizes 22 different teams within the top 25 ranked players this season. You might say there are fewer “stacked” teams this year than in the past, making it anyone’s guess who the winning team will be. If you haven’t drafted your fantasy team yet, your best bet is to avoid drafting your favorite players because of a team bias and spread your selections out across the league.

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