Super Bowl 48 Making Some History for Players and Fans

Back in 2010, when NFL owners voted to host Super Bowl 48 at MetLife Stadium, they essentially drank the kool aid of “Make Some History,” the theme of New York’s winning bid. And they started making history immediately. It’s reported that the league made an exception to their average temperature requirement of 50 degrees for the New York-New Jersey area, which won with only four votes over Miami and Tampa, becoming the first cold-weather stadium without a dome to ever bid on a Super Bowl.

Outdoor Inspiration. Actually, the NFL was inspired by the NHL, which has successfully pulled off hugely popular outdoor games held around the New Year. Now, teams compete just to host the annual event. The 2014 NHL Winter Classic on January 1 is featuring the first-ever Canadian opponent, the Toronto Maple Leafs, battling the Detroit Red Wings at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. (Tickets for the event are available now on Bullseye’s discount ticket site -very convenient, eh?). However, Super Bowl 49 goes back to the desert, playing at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona –and Super Bowl 50’s site in 2016 is yet to be determined.

Weather Predictions Big News. For all the predictions about which teams will play the Super Bowl this season, weather during the big game has become an equally formidable player, garnering big news. Everybody’s talking about the venerable Farmer’s Almanac predictions for February 1-3, 2014 of “intense” storms, including heavy rain and snow, plus strong winds. Even though history tells us there’s never been snow falling on Super Bowl play, one look at Week 14’s “Snowgames” says it all. Not only was the Detroit Lions/Philadelphia Eagles game fun to watch in the snow, but the NFL played snowgames in Washington, D.C., Green Bay and Baltimore. The wind chill during the game in Chicago brought the temp down to -7 degrees. Even the cool temperatures in San Diego for the Chargers/Giants game became the reason why tailgate parties were a little less crowded than usual. It may not be a coincidence that Super Bowl Sunday 2014 is also Groundhog Day, the quintessential day of every year where the weather plays a pivotal role.

“People talk about the weather, but, you know, this is football, not beach volleyball.”

-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, talking with the NFL Network

Touché, Mayor Bloomberg. So, what do you think about playing the Super Bowl in a cold-weather, outdoor stadium? Here’s a list of considerations:

  1. Playoff games are played in terrible weather. Why not Super Bowls?

  2. The 50-degree rule was created for the comfort and convenience of fans and players.

  3. The greatest game is being played in the greatest venue in the greatest city.

  4. It’s a relief for teams not worry about the weather.

  5. Super Bowl 48 may get a frigid nickname the likes of Ice Bowl, Fog Bowl or Freezer Bowl.

  6. The Super Bowl’s tailgating rules make for some creative parties that only take up one parking space.

  7. The neutral conditions of a dome or warm-weather venue are supposed to help the caliber of play.

  8. Snow games look great on television.

  9. Cold weather predictions are inspiring event planners to come up with all sorts of game day giveaways, to keep fans’ hands and seats warm.

  10. Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning says he’d rather play in cold weather than in the rain any day (of course, hell would have to freeze over before this Manning plays in Super Bowl 48)

  11. There’s only one New York City and she knows how to party!

  12. They say fans can watch the game on the jumbo-screen TVs in Times Square.

  13. New York and New Jersey will get a huge economic boost –to the tune of an estimated $550 million.

  14. Weather is part of the game. Playing Super Bowl 2014 at MetLife Stadium brings the game back to its roots.

  15. Players could get hurt during the game, a la the unfortunate twist of Adrian Peterson’s ankle during Week 14.

  16. Last season’s winning quarterback Joe Flacco says, “It’s about the fans and it’s about the players that played for the right to get there. There are a lot of things that go into it and it’s just kind of a crazy decision, I believe.”

  17. MetLife Stadium has two home team locker rooms.

  18. Bad weather could cause bad traffic delays, etc.

  19. Al Kelly, chief executive and president of the 2014 Super Bowl organizing committee has spent the last two years preparing the extraordinary entertainment for an entire week of Super Bowl events leading up to the big day (when the NFL runs the show).

  20. It’s the Super Bowl, man! And it’s already making history!

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