Super Bowl 2014 – Are you ready?

For those of you who love all things “Super Bowl”, here are a couple of interesting facts – the Metlife Stadium is home to two NFL teams- the New York Jets and the New York Giants. Consider the dilemma the crowd will have if both teams make it to the final! Also, at a cost of $1.6 billion, this is the most expensive football stadium in the US. In spite of this expensive tag, the stadium does not have a dome, which makes it the first time a Super Bowl match is played in a stadium without a dome.

Eager to watch the game, or just be part of the excitement? Super Bowl tickets sell like hot cakes – anywhere from $2500 to $9000 per seat! And the best way to get Super Bowl tickets? It is just a click away. You can find tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl at the Bullseye Event Group website. And if you are looking for a more comprehensive Super Bowl travel package – which obviously makes it easier to convince your wife and kids to accompany you – you can find customized Super Bowl packages to suit your requirements. Our hotel packages are close to Super Bowl Boulevard so you will stay close to all the action!

See you in New Jersey soon!

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