Rookie Talent: Will Your Picks Make Super Bowl 2014?

Are you on the lookout for rookie talents in the next Super Bowl? Bleacher Report just released their rankings for the 25 Best Players Under 25 in the NFL. Though not all of these players are technically “rookies”, many of them have had limited experience due to injuries or being 2nd string to a more seasoned player. Do you think any of these young guns will give the veterans a run for their money? Here are the top five players from the report:

 5. Percy Harvin: Wide Receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. Forced to sit out for seven games last season due to injury, Harvin is expected to bounce back and do some great things this year.

4. Patrick Peterson: Cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals. Speculation is that his career will reflect that of his role model, Deion Sanders.

3. Andrew Luck: Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. After his performance with the Colts last year, he deserved to be out from under the shadow of the great Peyton Manning.

2. J.J. Watt: Defensive End for the Houston Texans. Named as one of the game’s most “destructive” defensive ends.

1. Von Miller: Offensive Linebacker for the Denver Broncos. Said to have more flexibility than others in his position, Miller is not your “typical” OLB.

Is this who you expected to see on this list? If not, who did you expect?

Out of these 25 players, we hope to see a couple of them face off in the 2014 Super Bowl, and wouldn’t it be exciting to see this raw talent face off in person?

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