Would You Rather Stay at a One Star or Five Star Super Bowl Hotel?

Let’s look at a quick breakdown of hotel availability in East Rutherford, NJ over the upcoming Super Bowl weekend. As of August 2nd, 2013, (the “6 month” mark) availability was already hopelessly slim; if you wanted any kind of decent hotel, you’d be paying at least $700 per night, and you’d end up staying several miles away from the stadium in areas without much entertainment, and fighting horrid traffic to get anywhere you needed to go.

Today, a quick search on Priceline (or any other major hotel broker) will show you that there are no hotels left in East Rutherford (Meadowlands), and that if you want to book anything remotely in the area, the closest result will land you over 5 miles away, will cost you around $500 per night and will only be a ONE star hotel. That’s right, one star.

In fact, the only hotels left anywhere close to the stadium are between one and two star hotels and will all cost you between $400-$1200 per night. Now, we knew hotels would sell out quickly, but if you’re running behind on planning your Super Bowl trip this year, you are in big trouble. Do you really want to pay $650 a night to stay in a one star hotel in South Hackensack, New Jersey?

We didn’t think so.

Instead, come over to Bullseye and let us help you book a trip to remember for all the right reasons! We have hotel rooms available in four and five star hotels like the Marriott Marquis, W New York, and the Ameritania. We also offer discount prices on tickets to the big game and packages with access to all the hottest events during Super Bowl weekend! Don’t book a cheap hotel and have an entirely forgettable experience, or worse yet, a horrible experience that you’ll look back on and regret. Instead, book with us and get the experience of a lifetime! Call 888-900-6564 today for more information on our Super Bowl hotel packages!


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