NFL Raising Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Christopher Penler /

Are you ready for some football….and some higher ticket prices??

At the upcoming Super Bowl, the NFL committee has decided to raise ticket prices, more than doubling the cost of some choice seats from their cost at the game in New Orleans.

If you’re in the market for elite seats, club access, and all the perks that go along with your Super Bowl experience, you are looking at paying around $2600 per ticket now that this price increase has been implemented.

The NFL is doing this in an attempt to bridge the gap between the price of scalped tickets and the sale price of box office tickets, hoping to salvage some of the money they are losing to scalpers and last minute planners. When the NFL discovered that some people were paying around $6000 to show up at the last minute and purchase tickets on the street corner, they decided they could raise the price for some of those elite spots.

The good news is, if you’re looking at a lower end ticket, the price might be slightly less than it was before, but in the same fashion as everything else in life, “you get what you pay for”.

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