Montclair Magic: One More Reason to Attend Super Bowl 2014


For those who are seeking something different from the usual glamour and gambling aspects of Super Bowl 2014, you might want to visit Montclair, New Jersey, for a change of scenery and some offerings that aren’t as standard as what you might find in the Super Bowl Village. The Montclair 2014 Super Bowl committee is planning to create a long weekend of festivities and fun with an estimated audience of 30,000 people. So if you thought all the action would be happening only in New York City, think again. Some of the events planned by the committee include the following:

  • For film buffs, there is the Montclair football film festival that will show the greatest football films from all time.
  • Grammy award winning jazz musician, Christian McBride, of Montclair, is working to compose a musical score especially for the Super Bowl. The music will accompany a film that is being made to highlight the greatest football plays throughout history.
  • If you love the outdoors and enjoy the snow, then SnowMagic plans to create a ski slope on South Fullerton Avenue where you can enjoy snow tubing.
  • The committee also plans to have hot air balloons at the Hillside School for a romantic ride with fantastic views.
  • Bloomfield Avenue will have a special NFL store selling Super Bowl memorabilia, for all those who want to take away gifts as a reminder of the special memories of their Super Bowl experience.

Montclair is one more Super Bowl experience option worth including in your Super Bowl plans. For Super Bowl tickets, rentals, event tickets and package deals for the entire family, the best time to book is right now! Prices are climbing by the minute as the excitement ramps up in anticipation. To ensure your place in this great once in a lifetime experience, contact us now for the best deals for Super Bowl 2014.


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