How You Know You’re a Colts Fan

So, you like the Colts. You’ve been to a game or two. But how do you know if you’re a true fan? If you can check off all 25 items on this list, then you’ll know for sure, you’re a valiant Indianapolis Colts fanatic.

Colts Superfan with a Fan


  1. You can recite the Colts starting line up faster than you can remember the names of your children.
  2. You tell your spouse you lost a wedding invitation because it’s the same day as a Colts game.
  3. You’re wearing a Colts jersey in your profile picture.
  4. You think your dog is a huge Colts fan.
  5. If asked you can instantly point the way to Lucas Oil Stadium without consulting a map.
  6. If you get a paper cut, you bleed blue.
  7. You’ve gotten in a fight with one of your relatives about who’s the best quarterback in the NFL.
  8. You have the dates and times of the games memorized and can list them on command.
  9. If you turn in a circle, you see a horseshoe.
  10. You think defense, and you immediately think of Indiana basketball.
  11. The only reason you’ve heard of the Canal is because of Pat McAfee.
  12. You know all the best Colts player’s PPR’s and ADP’s without thinking too hard.
  13. You own a Colts Santa hat.
  14. You have your Manning jersey in a framed wooden box on a shelf.
  15. You’re more protective of your Andrew Luck signed football than you are of your own life.
  16. You have a special pair of socks for game day.
  17. You have a pre-game ritual that includes chants and dancing.
  18. You have this secret, special back way home that avoids all the traffic after the game.
  19. You’re still wearing your Colts Super Bowl XLI Champions hat.
  20. The background of your phone is the Colts schedule.
  21. You have a Lucas Oil Stadium popcorn bucket on top of a shelf somewhere in your house.
  22. You tried growing Andrew Luck’s beard, but you looked worse.
  23. You’ve tried to talk your SO into going up to Anderson during training camp, for vacation of course.
  24. You’ve been to a VIP Colts Tailgate party!
  25. And finally, you know you’re a Colts fan, when you find yourself sneering at any New England Patriots supporters.
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