Is Super Bowl 2014 Peyton’s Last Chance?

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If you know much about the sport, you know that Manning signed last year with the Denver Broncos, and he has four years remaining on his contract with the team. So why are critics saying this year is his final shot at a ring?

Well, a closer look at his team will show you that the Denver Broncos will not exist as we know them for much longer. Over the next two years, they are set to lose 22 of their big name players! While it’s unlikely that they will lose all of them, it’s also impossible for them to keep all of them; the roster turnover will be tremendous and there’s a good chance that the Broncos will become a largely rookie team before Peyton’s four years are up.

According to, Peyton’s salary is set to cap at $17,500,000 this year, but in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, he could make as much as $21,500,000 with his signing bonus. In reality, this means less salary for the Broncos for disperse among other players, and a higher chance that Peyton will be playing with guys who haven’t been on the field nearly as long as he has.

The Broncos are about to lose eight players to free agency in 2014, as well as three players whose contracts will expire. The following year, 2015, will see another 11 players up for free agency.

So what do you think? Could this be Peyton’s last chance at a title? When his contract expires with the Broncos, he will be 40 years old, making the likelihood of him signing anywhere else extremely slim.

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