He’s Back: Andrew Luck in Action

In Saturday’s preseason home opener against the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts fans got their glimpse at quarterback Andrew Luck’s first live game action since missing nine games in 2015. Here’s what they saw as the Colts set their sights on Super Bowl LI in Houston.

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Perfect Passing

Luck would play the first two drives for the Colts, completing all eight of his passes and garnering 69 yards. Luck and the offense remained relatively conservative in their playcalling, with the majority of Luck’s passes being to  slot receivers in the flat or dumping off to his running back. There were, however, a few deeper passes to Donte Moncrief (T.Y. Hilton did not play as a precaution).

A Smarter Quarterback

The big thing Colts fans got to see out of Luck was a clearly smarter player. Though a small sample, Luck seemed to be more calm in the pocket, checking down to his running back when there were no options instead of trying to force a big play, which has plagued Luck’s interception numbers in the past.

Luck also showed his newly-trained ability to slide at the end of big runs. In the first quarter, Luck ripped off two scrambles out of the pocket for first downs, both times sliding before taking a hit, much to the applause of the Lucas Oil Stadium crowd. If the Colts want any chance at a run to Super Bowl LI in Houston, Luck remaining healthy and minimizing hits will be top priority.

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