Game Recap: Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans

Did that win seem lucky? It feels as though the Indianapolis Colts got away with something this week. Even though they defeated the Tennessee Titans 35-33, and gained their first win of the season, Colts fans aren’t left imbued with a sense of confidence.

But, this was the sort of football fans have been expecting for weeks now. A high-scoring, nail-bating, we need heart medication, fun to watch game. Two early touchdowns put the Colts ahead at the half. Then, the third quarter turned disastrous. Because Titans’ rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota plays a good game.

The Titans came back to score 17 unanswered points in the third quarter. At this point, the prophecies of doom started. The Colts were down 27-14 with little time left on the clock. The rhythm of the offense seemed an illusion. All the same problems and doubts about the Colts management, about the hype, about the prowess of the offense came to head. Fans left early, people turned off the game out of frustration.

But, old Captain Comeback, Andrew Luck, decided to make his valiant return. Two touchdown passes from Andrew Luck came in the fourth quarter, just 56 seconds apart. Both fabulous. Those last two drives of the game, the Colts had no penalties. With just under seven minutes left in the game Luck completed what looked like the first real, solid, offensive drive of the season, moving the ball 98 yards before hitting rookie Phillip Dorsett for a 35 yard touchdown pass. Then, seconds later Luck found Donte Moncrief, who might be a good sleeper pick fantasy football fans, for another TD.

Tennessee tried to tie the game at the end with a two point conversion, but were stopped by the Colts defense at the goal line. And the Colts solidified themselves as the head of their division again. With a secondary so far into the reserves, the Colts were starting to hire off the street, it was a nice surprise when the defense stepped up like they did. Twice.

The Colts kept fighting and stayed in the game play-by-play. The team was still plagued with penalty calls, a lack of possession time, and, well, mistakes. The Colts allowed 433 yards. They failed to put a significant amount of pressure on Mariota. He had time in the pocket to make perfect throws and not feel threatened. But, at the same time, penalties are something that can be fixed, so maybe Colts fans shouldn’t be that worried about them.

This Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars should give fans an opportunity to watch the Colts beat a team into dust, which is always fun. Colts plays the Jags on October 4th at 1:00 p.m. in Lucas Oil Stadium.

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