Game Recap: Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes, the Indianapolis Colts still have major issues. Yes, they barely squeaked by against Jacksonville. Yes, that should have been an easy win. But, after three frustrating weeks, Colts fans finally got to see a good game.


Without the star QB, and the presence he brings, the Colts felt like a rag tag, thrown-together team. Nothing from the offense looked sharp. But, this made the game fun in the way only overtime, heart-attack inducing games can be. It’s easier to root for someone who is just trying to make it however they can.

At the same time it was grueling watch. Minute after minute, the score stayed the same. The Colts defense proved themselves again by successfully stopping any Jacksonville points in the second-half. But, then again, the Colts weren’t scoring touchdowns in the third or fourth quarter either. The game went into overtime tied at 13-13.

It looked over for the home team, as a successful late drive from Jacksonville put them in field goal range. But the kicker from Jacksonville, Jason Myers, flubbed. So the 40-year old Matt Hasselbeck had a chance put together a successful drive into field goal range and let Adam Vinatieri, newly minted as the Colts all-time leading scorer, kick the winning field goal.

The big story from the week was first whether or not Andrew Luck would play because of a sore shoulder. And after he missed practices during the week, the story tuned into how backup quarterback Hasselbeck would do. Unexpectedly, he put up better numbers than Luck has been showing lately. The old guy didn’t do too bad.

Hasselbeck made a good point in his candid post-game interview. Those two final field goal attempts the Jacksonville kicker missed were due in large part to the volume of the fans in the stadium. If this had been an away game, it probably would have swung the other way.

The theory goes that Luck took the time off to heal, so he would be better for this Thursday’s game against the tougher divisional opponent the Houston Texans. Hopefully along with his recovery, we’ll get to see a stronger Andrew Luck. One who isn’t throwing interceptions. An Andrew Luck who isn’t hesitating, but embodying the future face of the of football he seems to have become.

The Colts aren’t afforded much downtime after this win. They play the Houston Texans October 8th, that’s this Thursday, at 8:25 p.m. in NRG Stadium. If you’d like to travel to see that game, check for Indianapolis Colts tickets. Otherwise, the game will be broadcast locally on CBS and on NFL Network nationally.

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