Game Recap: Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills

The Indianapolis Colts lost: 27-14. And it hurts.

There are lots of available excuses: It’s week one. The Buffalo Bills were the Colts achilles heel. Many great seasons have started with one or two losses. All the Colts fans will forget this loss later in the year, once the winning streak starts.

But it’s getting old. This is year four of Andrew Luck’s dynasty rise. Four years the Colts have had a good QB. So where are the great passes, the well-orchestrated moments of glory? When will the Colts build a well-rounded team? It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Even if this year isn’t Super Bowl or bust, the Colts should be better than this. The team shouldn’t still be resting on a Captain Comeback.


Colts vs. Bills photo


It seems like the Colts have never moved out of the Peyton Manning era, with their overpowered offense and sub-par defensive. It’s frustrating watching a quarterback this good face the same problems as the last Colts quarterback.

The one highlight of the game was that cornerback Vontae Davis looked liked the Pro-Bowler he is. But, Andrew Luck threw two passes that were picked off, and had a completion rate of less than 50%. T.Y. Hilton got hurt. And the O-line struggled. The defensive problems of last year weren’t fixed in the off-season, making it hard not to wonder if the Colts will ever have a worthy defense.

But, maybe next week will be great. The Colts will have home field advantage, and the fans will give the Colts the great support they always do. Someday, in a bright future, the Colts will have a well-balanced and well-oiled machine to backup their star quarterback, and new face of the NFL.

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