Game Preview: Colts vs. Jets


Week two for the Colts brings them home-field advantage against the New York Jets. Out of the Colts 26 home games since 2012, the Colts have on 21 games. So there’s some definite Lucas Oil Stadium charm, or, ahem, luck. After the Colts have worked out their first game kinks, it’s likely the Jets will be another tally to add to their win record. The Colts seem poised to win around 11 games for the season, which will most likely rank second in the AFC, and land them in solid playoff position.

If the Jets stand a chance, they’ll have to exploit the same weakness the Colts struggled with last year, the run game. Jets are trying to up their game after a poor showing last season, going 4-12. They picked up some good drafts this year. Jets drafted wide receiver Devin Smith who poses a deep-route threat, and they nabbed DL Leonard Williams. Even though their defense line might already be crowded, Willaims might end up being the best of this year’s draft. With Sheldon Richardson suspended for substance abuse, the Jets defense could have some issues with the Colts powerhouse passing game.

Along with Willaims and Smith, Darelle Revis (CB) is another player to watch. He returns to the Jets after winning a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots last year. He blocks the big passes consistently to make him the best cornerback in the league, recognized by the NFL Top 100 Players at #17. Looking to contend in the AFC East, Revis takes an advantage away from the New England Patriots to give it to the Jets. Revis’ game is so good he changes every game. But the quarterback problem continues to plague the Jets. If they can’t get a converting quarterback into a good rhythm, the Jets will continue to struggle this year.

The Colts vs. Jets game will be on ESPN’s Monday Night Football September 21st at 8:30 p.m. If you’d like to go to that game in person, we offer Indianapolis Colts tickets. If you’d like to tailgate in style before attending that game, we can help with that too. Before every Colts home game we have a Colts VIP Tailgate party just two blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium.



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