Five Grilling Essentials for Colts Fans

Ok, you’re a Indianapolis Colts fan. But how do you prove that when you’re chilling in the backyard? Fire up the grill! Then check out our list of five Colts grilling essentials.

1. Colts Grilling Tool Set


Ah, now these are the “essentials.” Spatula, tongs, brush, and grilling fork are all bundled together in one perfect package. No. Wait. That spatula is called a “sportula.” The grill master needs something to stare at while he (or she) is waiting for the perfect moment to flip the burger. Why not stare at the pretty, shiny, beautifully embossed Colts emblem on a spatula. Or wait, sorry, a “sportula.”


2. Colts Koozies


Somehow, we’re not sure if a koozie has ever been purchased. They just seem to appear when needed. But, if you’re starting a Colts themed barbeque party, you have to protect the cold brew with a beautiful tribute to your favorite team.


3. Colts Apron



Protect your Colts jersey with from splatter with a Colts apron. It’s essential. Also, maybe, consider wearing long sleeves. Sleeves are especially necessary if you’re grilling bacon.


4. Colts Branding Iron


Let’s say, just hypothetically of course, that you have to serve some die-hard Patriots fans at your next cook out. What could be better than taking a photo of said fans smiling and holding Colts-branded burgers? Just food for thought.


5. Colts Plate

You can’t very well serve your beautiful new Colts burgers on regular plates! Maybe you also need Colts cups, and mugs, pint glasses, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, cutting board, helmet bottle stopper, tablecloth, centerpiece, wallpaper…


Bonus: Colts Toaster

For grilling at home on a very mundane level, there are Colts toasters. Proudly proclaim to the rest of your breakfast which football team you support. Don’t let your cheese tell you how much it loves Green Bay. Everything in your house roots for the Colts!

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