Fatal Faults of the Super Bowl Contenders

Super Bowl 2016 Preview


The Broncos aren’t favorites going into Super Bowl 50. In fact, they’re underdogs. It shows how the passage of time effects athletes, when Peyton Manning, arguably one the greatest quarterbacks ever, isn’t expected to win. The Carolina Panthers are generally considered the far more balanced team. And the better overall team usually wins the game. Right?


So, what could stop the Carolina Panthers? Manning. Chiefs Defensive Coordinator, Bob Sutton, says that no matter what might be physically ailing the legendary quarterback “this — the brain — is still here … I think people don’t understand what a great job he does of getting his team in the right play, or the right run. You know, it’s really what coach Belichick said — you never want to underestimate Peyton Manning. This guy can finish a game off as good as anybody in the history of the NFL … That’s what he does, he’s very smart, he knows what to do and you’re not going to fool him a lot.” Manning’s ability to understand the defense before he throws the ball is a big part of what keeps him sharp. More than this though, the Broncos need one more moment of Manning magic. One more late, great, nail-biting, come-from-behind victory, is what they need to be champions again.


However, it’s been Broncos defense that has gotten the team this far. Their defense is the ideal. Truly. The edge rushers DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller are great. Both the lineman Derek Wolfe and Malik Jackson provide pressure. And they’re rounded out by a great group of corners in Aqib Talib, Chris Harris and Bradley Roby. Don’t forget T.J. Ward either. Overall, if you look at these guys, it makes sense to see them playing in the Super Bowl together. That defense was a problem for the Patriots. And it could be a problem for the Panthers as well.


So much of the Super Bowl is pressure. Maybe being underdogs will give Peyton Manning and co. the extra edge they need to win. Maybe they’ll pull it all together and give Peyton one last ring for the road. It makes for a great story line.


But, Carolina is the top pick for a reason. Cam Newton is commanding the Panthers momentum train to commanding win after win. He’s a mobile quarterback who poses a consistent threat. He uses his legs to make the yards. But he’s a dual-threat who has a great arm to backup his QB roster listing. He’s dynamic. Carolina’s defense is good as well. The Panthers force turnovers. They’ve outscored opponents. They don’t let anyone get a foothold to really start the game going. That’s where the Broncos could falter. They won’t get able to get any rhythm, they’ll be stuck with an aging QB, and they’ll quickly lose sight of the score.


The 14-4 Denver Broncos will face the 15-1 Carolina Panthers this Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California for the final showdown of the season. Nobody picked the Panthers to make it this far. Hardly anyone chose the Broncos either. But, oh man, most of America is rooting for one or the other right now.


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