Count Up to Super Bowl 50: A Look Back at Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl XLV was played on February 6, 2011 in Arlington, Texas at the Cowboys Stadium. The two teams that played each other were the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The final score of the game was 31-25. There were also a total number of 91,060 people in attendance for Super Bowl XLV.

The MVP of the game was Aaron Rodgers, who happened to be quarterback for the Packers. He ended up completing 25 of 39 passes for 304 yards and three touchdowns. The Packers were on fire during the first half of the game, which allowed them to eventually win the entire Super Bowl.

The National Anthem was sung by Christina Aguilera and the halftime show was performed by The Black Eyed Peas, Usher, and Slash. The Fox Network aired the Super Bowl and brought in around 111 million viewers. The cost of a commercial during this Super Bowl was right at $3 million dollars. The announcers of the game were Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Pam Oliver, and Chris Myers.

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