Count Up to Super Bowl 50: A Look Back at Super Bowl XIII

On January 21, 1979 Super Bowl XIII was introduced. The Pittsburgh Steelers played against the Dallas Cowboys and won 35-31. This was quite the close game, but the Steelers fought hard for the title. There were a total of 79, 484 fans that attended Super Bowl XIII. A little fun fact of Super Bowl XIII is that the cost of a 30 second commercial was around $185,000, which was by far the most expensive commercial to date for a Super Bowl game.

The MVP of Super Bowl XIII was none other than Terry Bradshaw. He completed 17 out of 30 passes for a Super Bowl record. Keep in mind that the Cowboys put up quite the fight during this particular Super Bowl game and trailed behind the Steelers the whole time. At the end of the game, the Cowboys were able to score two touchdowns in a matter of 19 seconds. This Super Bowl game became known as “Black Sunday” in Las Vegas, which means a lot of sportsbooks lost a ton of wagers during Super Bowl XIII.

Super Bowl XIII was played at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. The referee of the game was Pat Haggerty. The announcers of the game were Curt GowdyMerlin Olsen, and John Brodie

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