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Contenders for Super Bowl 50

October 20th, 2015 by Bullseye Event Group

We’re getting to that point in the NFL season when the big predictions start to come out.  Big predictions meaning, this team or that team is going to Super Bowl 50. The big contenders are starting to appear. Teams are gaining or losing a rhythm. There are fewer and fewer teams who can boast a perfect season. And unfortunately, injuries are starting to mar otherwise good-looking offenses. But, hey, we’ll probably be very, very wrong. Some dark horse runner will probably appear late season, upset all our fantasy drafts, and create momentum for his team that will carry them to a big shiny trophy. Here’s the top 5 teams that we think have the best chance at going Disney World.

Denver Broncos

Whether or not Peyton Manning is carrying or being carried by the Broncos, they’re still a good team. The Broncos have quietly started the season 5-0 and it’s mainly because of their defense. No quarterback wants to go up against the likes of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware each week. This might be Peyton’s last year for Super Bowl glory, and he’s sure to make it count.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals looked very impressive and surprisingly mature in their win against Seattle on last Sunday. Maybe this is the year Dalton finally leads them to a playoff victory? But Andy Dalton and his hair might not be buying into all that post-season nonsense just quite yet.

Green Bay Packers

The Cheeseheads may not have looked perfect this week, although they did enough to get through the imposing Rams defense. But, Green Bay once again looks like the team to beat in the NFC. And the god we bow down to, Aaron Rodgers, look in top form.

Atlanta Falcons

Survive and advance. The Falcons are taking the March Madness, game by game,  approach so far this season. Three of their wins have been by six or fewer points, but as long as Matty Ice keeps getting the W, the city is happy. Oh, and you may have heard of someone named Julio Jones making some noise this season as well.

New England Patriots

It’s hard to miss Belichick and Brady. With an offseason full of scrutiny and scandal, there were many questions as to whether the Patriots would be mentally prepared for the season. Well, they’re undefeated and have been scoring at a scary rate every game. Will Brady complete the hand garland, and get his 5th ring? Could be.

So will we see the great match between the best quarterbacks Rodgers and brad? Tough to tell at this point. One thing we can promise, however, is a spot to watch that game in San Francisco. We have Super Bowl hotel travel packages, Super Bowl ticket packages, and Super Bowl fever! Can’t wait for the Big Game!

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