Colts vs. Dolphins

The Colts will surely be disappointed to leave the sunny wonderful weather of Indianapolis in December to play the Miami Dolphins in Florida, as the Colts finish up their softer stretch of regular season games.

The Dolphins face the same perpetual problem as the Colts; they both have to overcome the New England Patriots to get anywhere. Since the 2001, the Patriots have gone 66-20 in the Dolphins’ AFC East. That doesn’t leave much room for anyone else.

This season, it’s all about who can make the playoffs besides the Patriots. Buffalo, Miami, and the Jets are all gunning for that same spot. The Dolphins haven’t won a playoff game since they beat the Colts in 2000. If the Dolphins records don’t start to turn around, newer guys like VP Mike Tannenbaum and Dennis Hickey, could be let go. But, it’s been the Patriots show for a long while now, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

To combat this problem, Dolphins picked up Ndamukong Suh, in big-ticket, offseason move. With him they’re building something of a formidable defense. Watch for the rookie linebacker Zach Vigil to add young talent to the line. And don’t forget to watch out for Brent Grimes, CB, who’s made the pro-bowl the past two years. The Dolphins are hoping that the presence of a few good players will create a ripple effect through the rest of the team.

But, by the time the end of the season rolls around, most coaches will be more focused on keeping their players healthy for the playoffs. With Miami’s big off-season moves, they’re looking to make it past the scheduled sixteen games. So, these last couple matchups will determine who’s stays healthy to play post-season, and if the Dolphins might even make it to post-season.

The Indianapolis Colts will play the Miami Dolphins the Sunday after Christmas, on the 27th. The 2015 Colts v Dolphins game will be broadcast on CBS. Kickoff starts at 1:00 p.m. at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. If you’d like to go support the Colts down in Miami, you can buy Colts vs Dolphins tickets.


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