Indianapolis Colts v. Atlanta Falcons

The Indianapolis Colts have a much needed bye week right before they play the Atlanta Falcons. The break comes after a gristly set of games, but leads into an easier final stretch for the Colts. By the time the Colts are at this point in the season, with most of their sticky games behind them, whether or not they’ll come out on top of the AFC will already be determined.

The Falcons are looking to be contenders in the NFC South. It’s a notoriously bad division. So that won’t take much, really. The Falcons fall right in front of the Colts for easiest NFL schedule of the season. So they might win that title after all, losing record or not.

On the plus side, the Falcons have themselves a new head coach in Dan Quinn. He excelled as Seahawks defensive coordinator, but this will be his first year as a head coach.

Watch for Falcons first round pick, Vic Beasley Jr., OLB. He goes for the quarterback quickly, and hard. He’s 6’3, 240. But, again, he’s fast. He’s part of the defensive line that general manager Thomas Dimitroff was tasked with fixing. This season will determine whether or not he goes the way of last year’s head coach.

On offense, as always, Julio Jones is the gold standard. Because of T.Y. Hilton’s huge wide receiver contract, many other WRs are looking for just that kind of money. Julio Jones included.

The Falcons pass rush is also on the up and up. If this continues, and the run game heads towards their own goal. The Falcons might come out of this season with a winning record. But, the Colts are going to be one of the teams they lose to.

Week 11 for the Colts has them on the road to face the Atlanta Falcons in their Georgia Dome on Sunday November 22nd. Kick off starts at 1:00 p.m. The Colts v. Falcons game will be broadcast on CBS. You can go to that game in person by buying Colts vs Falcons tickets.

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