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August 26th, 2015 by Bullseye Event Group

Which Indianapolis Colts players are on Twitter? We complied a list of all the Colts players who tweet! Punter Pat McAfee has almost as many followers as the Colts! He’s just that funny! The list below has all the Colts Twitter handles. The players who haven’t been checked by Twitter are listed as unconfirmed. Let us know who which players we missed. Happy tweeting!

# Name Pos. Twitter Handle Unconfirmed
29 Adams, Mike S @MDOTADAMS20
56 Adongo, Daniel OLB @DanielAdongo7 U
83 Allen, Dwayne TE @Dallen83
32 Anderson, Colt S @AndersonColt
96 Anderson, Henry DE @HenryAnderson91 U
65 Arkin, David G @ADavidArkin
26 Ballard, Vick RB @VickBallard
25 Brown, Jalil CB @TheJalilBrown
14 Brown, Vincent WR @VincentBrown86 U
20 Butler, Darius CB @DariusJButler
38 Carr, Deveron CB @DevCarr1 U
9 Carter, Duron WR @DC_CHILLIN_8
6 Casey, Chance CB @ChanceCasey9
74 Castonzo, Anthony T @AnthonyCastonzo
35 Celiscar, Donald CB @flash1834 U
99 Chapman, Josh NT @The_Boss61
58 Cole, Trent OLB @Pro_Hunt58
21 Davis, Vontae CB @vontaedavis
15 Dorsett, Phillip WR @Dorsett_4
80 Fleener, Coby TE @Coby
50 Freeman, Jerrell ILB @JerrellFreeman
47 Galea, Cody OLB @CodyHighRollerr U
71 Good, Denzelle T @IBeDG_71 U
27 Guy, Winston S @winstonguyjr27
72 Harrison, Jonotthan C @JHarrison_72
8 Hasselbeck, Matt QB @Hasselbeck
79 Herremans, Todd G @toddherremans
49 Herrera, Amarlo ILB @5DeuceHerrera U
36 Herron, Dan RB @BOOMHERRON1
13 Hilton, T.Y. WR @TYHilton13
48 Hodges, Zack OLB @ZBHodges U
62 Holmes, Khaled C/G @KhaledHolmes
64 Hoover, Tyler T @TylerHoover91 U
95 Hughes, Montori DT @Montori_Hughes
55 Irving, Nate ILB @jussaynate U
52 Jackson, D’Qwell ILB @DQ52
81 Johnson, Andre WR @johnson80
59 Johnson, Cam OLB @Cam_Johnson59
68 John, Ulrick T @Ujohn1John U
97 Jones, Arthur DT @Artj97
94 Kerr, Zach NT @ZachariahKerr94
90 Langford, Kendall DE @KendallLangford
85 Lankford, Ryan WR @Playmaka3x4 U
60 Louis, Lance G @LanceLouis60
98 Mathis, Robert OLB @RobertMathis98
1 McAfee, Pat P @PatMcAfeeShow
31 McDonald, Dewey S @Dewey_MAC
75 Mewhort, Jack T/G @jackmewhort
Mitchel, Tevin CB @TevinMitchel8 U
10 Moncrief, Donte WR @drm_12
51 Muamba, Henoc ILB @HenocMuamba
91 Newsome, Jonathan OLB @JNEW_11
45 Overton, Matt LS @MattOverton_LS
54 Parry, David DT @DavidParry58 U
61 Pendleton, Jeris DT @MONSTERPEN44 U
40 Price, Sheldon CB @PRICEBOY22
73 Quarles, Kelcy DT @kelcy_quarles U
76 Reitz, Joe G @JoeReitz76
34 Robinson, Josh RB @Bowling34ball U
86 Swoope, Erik TE @eswoope21
66 Thomas, Donald G @Thedthomas64
69 Thornton, Hugh G @hughthornton72
28 Toler, Greg CB @greg_toler
38 Varga, Tyler RB @TyVarga
4 Vinatieri, Adam K @adamvinatieri
93 Walden, Erik OLB @E_Ninety3
92 Werner, Bjoern OLB @BjoernWernerBTM
17 Whalen, Griff WR @GriffWhalen

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