Cities that Deserve a Super Bowl

The Super Bowl brings with it glamour, prestige, and a whole lot of excited NFL fans. It’s no wonder many American cities vie for the honor of hosting the Big Game. Are there some cities who get over-looked? We can think of three. Each of these cities has the beautiful stadium, the fan base, and the love of football to support a Super Bowl bid.

The Bay Area won the 2016 bid to host the Super Bowl for it’s 50th year! And the celebrations will be huge! San Francisco during Super Bowl time will truly be a city unlike any other. Levi’s Stadium is absolute the perfect host for this year’s biggest sporting event. Even better, there are Super Bowl 50 Travel Packages waiting for you to snap up. But if you can’t make it this year, have hope. There are some great destinations for the future.



Dallas deserves a second chance at hosting the game. Give them a chance at redemption. As the host of Super Bowl XLV, the brand new AT&T Stadium was the perfect spot. But because of poor planning and technical problems, Dallas did not live up to expectations. It’s a shame. Nevertheless, the home of the Cowboys is still one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country. We’re hoping they’ll go all out to give fans what they want and get another shot at glory.



They’re getting a new stadium! That should mean a Super Bowl. This one will be coming in March of 2017. Atlanta has already had success with Georgia Stadium, most notably by being the host of the SEC Championship Game, the Chick-Fil-A Bowl and future Final Four Site. This new Mercedes-Benz Stadium will feature the largest video board in the world, and will be five stories high. Plus it sort of looks like a new-age flower from above. Cool stuff. The stadium will also have an open roof concept. Atlanta is a great city, and a great stadium could only add to that.


Maybe it’s a home town bias. But, the site of Super Bowl 46 is a great city. It’s hard to make the case against Indianapolis. Pretty much the only reason Indy didn’t get Super Bowl 51 is because Minnesota has their brand new stadium coming in. And the Super Bowl committee has made it clear that they love new stadiums. A perfect example is this upcoming game, as this is only the second year of San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium. Indy has truly become “SportsTown” and not many cities can compete with a place that has hosted a Super Bowl, multiple Final Fours, Big Ten Football and Basketball Championships, and has housed European soccer matches. It’s hard to compete with Indy. It’s also a great place to be.

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