Can the Colts Make it to Super Bowl 50?

Is there hope for the Colts?

This is a team that needs a cause. Football teams run on momentum, drives, and sparks. It might have been a wet and rainy game Monday night when the Indianapolis Colts took on the Carolina Panthers, but that doesn’t mean the spark isn’t there. The fans can feel it. It’s part of what’s made this season so frustrating for the Colts Nation to watch. All season it feels that the Colts have just been one thing shy, one ingredient short. So, of course there’s hope for a ticket to Super Bowl 50. It could all change.

The Colts close out the season with a series of easy games leading up into the playoffs. They’re sure to make it into a playoff spot given how dismal the rest of their division is. If the Colts can’t find momentum when they play the Broncos next week, maybe they’ll find it in an end of the season run. Given that Peyton Manning usually has difficulties after a bye-week in the playoffs, as Indianapolis fans well remember, the Colts have a real shot at making it a little farther than maybe they should.

There’s always a chance. Any given Sunday. If the Colts win a few key games, suddenly, they’ll look good. They’ll look like all the hype predicted. But, the Colts sure don’t look like they’re having fun. They look like they’re working hard for nothing. Where’s the camaraderie and the smiles? It’s just shy. What the Colts need to make it to the Super Bowl is something to look alive.

From a technical perspective, the Colts have been shooting themselves in the foot. They have to stop with the holding penalties. The defense has to start being able to stop the 3rd and short. They can’t keep giving away these turnovers. They have to start converting instead of throwing interceptions. They can’t keep fumbling. Andrew Luck has to do something, and quit holding onto the ball so long. Lastly, and most importantly, if Andrew Luck is injured, the o-line must step up and protect that man.

But, of course the Colts have a shot at the Super Bowl. After all, once a team makes it to the playoffs, everything is up in the air. It’s less about the season, and more about who stayed healthy, who can still play, and who wants it more. If the Colts keep finding frustration after frustration, maybe that will lead to something post-season. Wouldn’t that be great?

It’s still possible. The Colts show these flashes of greatness, moments of solid football. If they could string a couple of those together, maybe work out the front office issues, stop looking so dower, and get a stampeded going. Then, maybe, they have a shot at the golden trophy come February.

If you’re a Colts fan, and you’re pretty sure they can make it all the way. We’ve got Super Bowl tickets and packages for that 50th Big Game. That way, you can watch the Colts play live, in person, in San Francisco (if they make it that far.) Maybe they’ll take home some gold. You never know.

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