Bullseye Event Group Announces Official Menu for 2017 Players Tailgate at Super Bowl LI

Bullseye Event Group is excited to reveal the incredible VIP menu for the 2017 Players Tailgate at Super Bowl LI in Houston on February 5, 2017.

“I cannot wait to dig into this incredible menu that our amazing team of chefs has put together,” Bullseye CEO Kyle Kinnett said. “They say everything is bigger in Texas, and our menu lives up to that hype.”

With Guy Fieri leading an all-star culinary crew featuring Eddie “Fit Chef” Jackson, Aaron May, Douglas Rodriguez, Reno Henriques, Rodolfo Valdes, Pete Blohme and the Ole Hickory BBQ Pits, the 2017 Players Tailgate at Super Bowl LI features a Texas-sized menu including:

Reno’s ‘Fresh Catch’ Killer Raw Bar

The “Fresh Catch” Killer Raw Bar returns for the 2017 Players Tailgate, this time prepared by celebrity chef Reno Henriques. Fresh flown ahi tuna poke from Hawai’i, world famous number-one grade teriyaki tuna, Jumbo Alaskan king crab, whole Maine lobster, peel ’n’ eat shrimp, oysters and more!

BBQ Butts and Brisket

Fresh out of the Ole Hickory BBQ Pit, the 2017 Players Tailgate offers pulled pork, an 18-hour brisket, Earl Campbell hot links, housemade slaw and Fieri’s award-winning signature BBQ sauces.

Guy’s Burger Joint Burgers

With the Guy’s Burger Joint Burger station, Fieri brings his smashed all-beef burgers, with all the fixins, SMC (super-melty cheese), served on a garlic-buttered brioche and topped with a Flavortown favorite, donkey sauce.

Farmstand Salads, Cheeses & Charcuterie

“Fit Chef” Eddie Jackson’s signature assortment of seasonal salads made from the freshest, locally sourced greens, seasonal fruits, as well as an array of Chef Jackson’s favorite artisanal local meats and cheeses, and roasted vegetables and juicy fresh fruits.

Texas Taqueria

It wouldn’t be a Texas-sized menu without a Texas-sized taco fiesta! Fresh corn and flour tortillas, scratch made salsa bar, guacamole and tons of hot sauce served with three different championship tacos. First, a buffalo grilled chicken taco with celery, blue-sabi (blue cheese and wasabi), and crumbled cheese. Then, a Baja shrimp “Nacho” taco with spicy pink chile mayo. And finally, a carne asada street taco with salsa verde and crumbled cotija.

Mac Daddy Mac N’ Cheese

The Mac Daddy Mac N’ Cheese bar returns for the 2017 Players Tailgate, featuring six-cheese mac n’ cheese, roasted veggies, slow-cooked all-beef chili, bacon, scallions and crumbled cheese and crackers to create the perfect tailgating side dish.

Real Deal Nacho Bar

Made fresh to order, fresh-fried and thick-cut tortilla chips, topped with SMC (super-melty cheese), hot sauces, salsa, jalapeños, creama and pico de gallo.

Flavortown Finale Ice Cream & Candy Bar

New at the 2017 Players Tailgate, the Flavortown Finale Ice Cream & Candy Bar, features assorted local ice creams with ALL your favorite toppings, including: sprinkles, nuts, cherries, hot fudge, salted caramel, crushed pretzels, potato chips, strawberries, whipped cream, gummy bears, crushed candies, chocolates and more!

With over 25 NFL players and some of the biggest celebrities, Bullseye’s 2017 Players Tailgate at Super Bowl LI will be the biggest and best pre-game tailgate in Houston. One of America’s favorite chefs, Guy Fieri, will be returning to create the VIP menu, joined by chefs Eddie Jackson, Aaron May, Douglas Rodriguez, Reno Henriques, Rodolfo Valdes and Pete Blohme. Alongside Fieri at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, the 2016 Players Tailgate featured Fox Sports reporter and emcee Erin Andrews, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, celebrity chefs May and G Garvin, over 25 all-pro NFL players and more.

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2017 Players Tailgate at Super Bowl LI Tickets: 

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