Broadway to Become Super Bowl Boulevard

The Super Bowl Boulevard is all set to attract an extraordinary audience ranging from celebrities, media personnel, football fans, and tourists. Speculation is that the NFL experience will include football competitions, cultural events, concerts, celebrity parties and a highly anticipated “toboggan” event that is intriguing football fans across the country.

NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell has been quoted as saying the Super Bowl is not just a game anymore. It is in fact an entire week of celebration and entertainment with only 82,500 fans actually watching the game from the stadium. The rest of the hundreds of thousands of people, will flock the New York and New Jersey regions to get the best experience of media, concerts, tailgate parties and more.

If you want to be one of the lucky people who attend all these festivities, don’t hesitate! The time to plan your Super Bowl travels is today. Whether you want to attend the 2014 Leather and Laces party or the Super Bowl Players Ultimate Tailgate party, or just be in the city to get the full NFL experience, get the best deals on travel packages from the Bullseye Events Group!


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