Best Colts Players for Fantasy Draft

Andrew Luck Photo

Maybe you thought too many Indianapolis Colts players on your fantasy draft team would be a bad idea? Not this year. Colts have a good shot at boating the number one offense in the league. From the looks of things so far, most of the Colts games are going to be shootouts. That means big fantasy numbers for all those players getting touchdown after touchdown.


Here’s who we think you should draft from the Colts:

Andrew Luck (Quarterback)

He’s THE quarterback. He’s been hyped for a long time as the next greatest football god. We’ll we’ve given him time. This year, with the Colts embarrassingly overloaded offensive bench, he’ll be able to have a real nice season. He’s looking at around 4,500 yards and 50 total touchdowns. We’ve seen the growth, he’s passing more often and for more yardage. He’s being drafted number one or two QB, and around 13th overall. Luck is the big pick, for the win.

T.Y. Hilton (Wide Receiver)

Oh, the Ghost. He was Andrew Luck’s top target last year. And he’ll be the common target from the above mentioned, bearded passer, again this season. He averages around 11 yards per target. His ADP is right around 9th WR, 25th overall.

Be somewhat cautious about drafting him too high. Although he deserves that rating, he might not be making the kind of numbers he put up last year, because of the infusion and overcrowding of the Colts offensive options this season, and some pressure from veteran WR Andre Johnson.

Frank Gore (Running Back)

Frank Gore is a great price per points guy. He’s the best running back, and so far this season, he’s been Andrew Luck’s go to guy. That’s why he’s a great choice, he’ll get the ball. Often. He’s set to put up great (and consistent) stats this year. NFL fans seem to have seen this. He’s a solid third-round pick, he’s drafting about 14th of all RBs and his ADP is around 40th overall.

Andre Johnson (Wide Receiver)

Okay. He’s older. He’s competing with T.Y. Hilton. But the only reason his stats have dipped in recent years has been lack of a decent QB. He’s got Andrew Luck now. And he doesn’t miss games. He might not get a lot of yards, but he’s reliable. He’ll be a prime target in the red-zone. Depending on where you play fantasy football, you might be able to steal him as his rankings differ site to site. His ADP averages out to 45, though he’s ranked as low as 59th. He may well end up a top-ten WR, so if he’s ranked lower where you draft, snatch him up.


Phillip Dorsett (Wide Receiver)

He’s explosive, but unreliable. He’ll be splitting the WR3 spot with Donte Moncrief. But if you need a late round draft pick, he’s worth a shot. He’s a rookie with potential for now. If your in a keeper league, he’s an extremely good early bet. He’s going to get better. He’s a better bet for dynasty leagues even if he’s with such a high-production offense.


Bonus: Coby Fleener (Tight End)

If you’re feeling the squeeze of the salary cap fantasy football, Fleener is a good low-cost alternative for the draft. His other TE, Dwayne Allen, is also a quiet, but solid pick. Both TEs will have low fantasy points in the season-opener though. The first Colts game is against the Bills, who don’t give many points to TEs.

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